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This is a collection of collections of related stories, serials, and the like.


Adventures in XTC - The Boston Annuals

In which Our Heroes attend X Technical Conferences and somehow continue to Escape With Their Hides Intact

  • For He's a Gelee Good Fellow
  • The Great Marriott Massacree
  • On the Perils of Ingesting Xanth
  • The Boston VIADUCTS Disaster
  • Bushbo (The Revolution Will Be Televised)

    Kent disappeared from the froup shortly before marriage. Everyone wondered what had happened - had he had another motorcycle wreck? The truth was much, much worse.
  • Whence Kent?
  • Bye Bye, Bush Baby
  • Rabbit Food
  • Chronicles of the Weather Underground

    What makes someone go underground? What happens there? How do you survive? Who comes after you? Come the revolution, we should all be so fortunate...

  • Elmers Glue
  • From Atlanta to the Land of Fruits & Nuts
  • Under Pressure
  • Of Spooks & the Press
  • Gone Fizzion

    If you don't know the rules, you can't break them. If you never break the rules, you don't know them. An experiment in person and voice, this apocalyptic tale wanders all over the place in an attempt to do the impossible.

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • The Net.Cop Serial

    Some wise guy asked for a net.cop, and I decided to give him one. Net.cop keeps the Internet (Infobahn) safe for those of us with klus and lives.

  • Introducing: Net.Cop!
  • Roger Rabbit Meets Net.Cop
  • Roger Rabbit meets Net.Cop Again
  • NASA Meets Net.Cop
  • Net.Cop Meets His Match
  • Net.Cop Matches His Meat
  • Net.Cop: A Brief Alt.Romantic Interlude
  • AOL meets Net.Cop
  • Net.Cop drops in at the Chatsubo for Refreshment
  • Tales of Brave Ulysses (Dreams of Atlantis)

    Once upon a time, in a froup named talk.bizarre, a mongo war was fought. Technobabble and absurdity flew thick and furious, and this is what remains of the archives.

  • Preface
  • Match Maker
  • Mystery of the Pyramid
  • Drowning in a Sea of Trademarks
  • Behind the GREEN Floor
  • The B*tch is Back
  • Hunt for Krazny Oktobrfezt
  • The Terminal Man
  • Thom's Tune
  • Escape Hatch
  • The Hatchling is Eaten
  • The Untold Story

    These are the untold stories which must be told of life within a company as recognizable as the one Dilbert works for - yours and mine. None of the names have been changed too much, but these stories are based on fact. At least, vaguely. Sort of. Really. Guest appearances by lots of NeXT boxes. All black, of course.

  • AIExpo (Inspired by the tales of Paul on returning from AIExpo. He really did sit, nervously, in his cowboy hat between two guys in M.C. Hammer's band who didn't seem too thrilled to be sitting with a cowboy.)
  • Uniforum I (Another tradeshow-inspired story. Other than Pam O's clothes, these are much closer to the truth than one would expect. And the clothes aren't all that far off. The happy ending is true.)
  • The War (I wrote this for Kim right after she gave Gary his nickname. I was missing my family a lot, and there was concern HCC was going to be overwhelmed by the Evyl Empyre.)
  • The Corn Flake Girl (I don't recall where this one came from, except that "Corn Flake Girl" was popular, and for some reason Quan statred calling Deb that, and we were working late, and security was worried about parking lot rapes and industrial spies.)
  • A Hap Hip Hop Happy Buthaday For Cindy (A birthday story for Cindy. Jon had been quite taken with her. Yes, still more Next boxes.)
  • Hug of the Paper Woman (Julie ran HR. I think Bern came up with her nickname. His last name was something like Aplbanamlp, so he didn't need a nickname. This story is scarily close to one manager's meeting we had.)
  • Suzanne's Bad Day (Suzanne was having a bad day. Quite a bit of this actually happened, albeit not quite as badly as portrayed. I wrote this to cheer her up. It helped. She even forgave me for hiding the pizza.)
  • Tasbu Chronicles 1 (a Debinhex Adventure) (Tasbu (his login name) was a trip. These two shorts are based partly on his life, and partly on his explanation of his login name.)
  • Tasbu Chronicles 2 (a Debinhex Adventure) (This parenthetic intentionally left blank in honor of HCC)

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