Net.Cop: A Brief Alt.Romantic Interlude

Net.cop squantoed into Felch Breath's bedroom. Felchie was asleep. Net.cop, a shadowy wisp against the shadows of Felchie's tortured dreams of infinite fields of hay stubble, broken only by cow pattis, stepped sonorously to the bed.

Before Felch could awake, Greg grabbed him, ripped off his Ninja Turtle pj bottoms, and threw him to the floor. He opened the buns, inserted the well-done burger, the lettuce, tomato, catsup, onion, mustard, guacamole, hot chilies, and french dressing, and squeezed the buns back together. A quick touch with the Cattle Prod Upon Which Human Eyes May Not Gaze (set on Microwave) brought the whole mass, steaming, to serving temperature.

He pulled out a pocket Godzilla, and dropped it on Felchie. It whipped out a fork, and dug in.

They heard the scream clean over in rec.arts.startrek .
"So welcome to t.b," said Greg. "Glad to have ya around. Let me know if you see any newbies that need nuking; this Mr. Welcome Wagon stuff is getting to me."
Greg tossed the Godzilla a poptart and root beer for dessert, repocketed the fella, and split.
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