Tales of Brave Ulysses

Dreams of Atlantis


Not so long ago, in a galaxy uncomfortably close at hand, a small band of fools began to play with forces they could not fathom. Harbingers of doom, denizens of a thousand computer networks, these were the residents of the land known as talk.bizarre, or tDOTb .

Known primarily for not quite fitting into the human race, these strange creatures cared only for 3 things. First and foremost they loved the bizarre, the unusual, the absurd, the esoterica not found in the normal ebb and flow of mundanity. When this was not in great supply, their second great love (the first of a few) was to haul out great devices of possibly creative, but certainly horrific, destruction, and reduce any new aliens in the area to their component atoms.

When all else failed, they tended to turn their awesome destructive psyches upon each other. Noone in whom the blood ran true was in the least bothered by this. Several spies and imposters had been discovered this way, not least among them the notorious eastern entity of obnoxiousness, trash.

As the Empire of the Net began to hedge them in, a few fearless tb-ites met to decide the fate of the known world. When the dice were thrown, the world lost, and McDonalds spread like the plague.

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