Basic Weirdness

The author is not responsible for the state of your mind if you read this.

Some of the following may include political satire which, due to recent events, may not seem funny anymore (or may be even more hysterical). The author can but shrug his uninjured shoulder as if to say, "I told you so."

Copyright 1988-1994 by Roadkills-R-Us, Austin, TX. All rights reserved. All lefts available at substantial discounts.


  • Beltophobia
  • Death of a Salesfiend
  • The Dysfunctional Family
  • Embarassment to the Max
  • The Further Adventures of Dr. Reimann
  • The Breakout Box
  • Get Well Card for a Friend
  • Girl Scout Cookies Factory Tour
  • The Good Old Daze
  • Has This Ever Happened to You?
  • Killers
  • Preemptive Strike (an excerpt)
  • Revenge of The Evyl Assault Bottles
  • The Roadkills-R-Us Personnel Files
    (These really happened. Mostly. Sort of. Somehow. At a firm in Texas. Really. Trust me.)
  • A Hap Hip Hop Happy Buthaday For Cindy
  • The Buffoonery and the Interviewee
  • AIExpo
  • Uniforum
  • The War
  • The Corn Flake Girl
  • Suzanne's Bad Day
  • Tasbu Found
  • Tasbu's Origins
  • Rough Night in Jericho
  • School's Out
  • Sir Pseu's Adventure
  • the Stale Technologies Tales
    (Based on true experiences with a sideways thinking, trailing edge, Atlanta-based software firm.)
  • Christy - the TV Interview
  • The Game of Klu (tm)
  • Star Warts - A Brief Interlude
  • Thanksgiving Day Letter to my Nuclear Family
  • The trish Sagas
    (She made life exciting. The best targets usually do.)
  • How trish Became Carasso
  • A Tarantula Dinner
  • TseTse Fly
  • Tumbleweeds in my Mind
  • Twilight of the Red Man
  • Vegans at Home
  • We Have Met the Enemy and He is You
    This is the story that started it all...
  • What is a Gypsy?
  • Whence the Gypsy Queen??

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