The Game of Klu (tm)

You are in a mailroom. There is a REALLY smelly envelope marked, "To: Manager"

~r dead.letter

You, uh, don't seem to have a dead.letter...

~g dead.letter


~r dead.letter

I can't. It's sealed.

~open dead.letter

Phew! cough cough

Tearing it open, you are nearly overpowered by the stench. You get slimy, rotten, glue all over your hands. You open the letter.

~r dead.letter

The deceased correspondence appears to be a clue. Unfortunately, since you chose to be a manager in this game, and then put on that silly red power tie you found, you just don't get it.

~harass employees

You can't. They all quit.

~hire employees

You can't. Everybody in town knows about you.

~hire headhunter

You contact 17 different placement agencies. None of them will speak to you. Finally, one chap with a foreign accent promises to be right over. He turns out to be a pygmy, and lops off your head. Fortunately, you don't need it, and can continue playing the game. Aren't you glad you aren't an engineer or something?


Game saved. You have 37 points out of the 1,000 necessary to make your deadline, which is tomorrow. Don't worry, though, there's still plenty of other managers to blame!

you have mail
stiatl:kluless 17>

based on the inspiration of a Real Life Manager

Last updated: 26 Sep 1994

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