Christy - the TV Interview

Hi! I'm Geraldo Riviera, and today we're speaking with Christy Taylor, a Player of the Week at Stale Technologies, Inc, a Dumb and Badstreet company. Well, Christy, how does it feel to be ***Player Of The Week***?

Well, actually, it's no big deal...

Yeah, that's what they say when they win the Nobel Prize, too!

No, really. There I was, minding my own business, doing my job as best I can, and suddenly there's all this publicity.

Oh, there can't be THAT much publicity...

You're right, I guess; this isn't like Letterman or Carson or anything big.


But Lisa came in with some people, and they gave me this really nice piece of paper with my name *hand-written* on it. Not just printed on there by some stupid computer! And there were photo-graphers and everything, and cameras, and...

Well, that was probably just for the company newsletter and video.

I don't think so. They were from places like UPI and NBC. My landlord said the IRS, people looking for handouts, and three yacht salespeople have already been by today.

For Player of the Week???

Beats me, man. All I know is the FBI called and they want me to take an escort when I go skiing this weekend. Something about a possible kidnapping, or extortion, or a shotgun wedding or some thing like that.

Wow. So how do you think all this will affect your lifestyle?

Not much. I mean, I survived being Teacher's Pet a few times, Sophomore of the Day twice, and Senior Girl of the Week once. They didn't affect me much. I mean, it is kind of a trip to suddenly have every single guy and three of the married ones ask me out to dinner, and I can finally buy the Lamborghini I always wanted, but otherwise, I'll just keep on right here, testing the software!

Great. Thanks a lot, Christy! And over here we have Paul Anderson, leader of the pack, er project, that Christy tests for. Paul, what do you think about all this?

I think she's a great team player and a good tester. I think I have a lot of work to do. I think you'd better go, now.

Well, I wanted to ask you about...

How's your nose doing, Geraldo?

Folks, we'll be right back after this commercial, with a report on why the Elderly Postman's society wants Congress to outlaw semi-auto pit bulls...

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