A Get Well Card for a Friend


Cindy: Card Recipient
Tony: Her (Cindy's) Hubby
Ed: Her (Cindy's) Boss
Fruit Basket: What This (Card) Was Attached To
20 Suns: From the INTERNET THEATER
As you float gently down the Nile (waterbed) on a well deserved rest, dear Mark [An]Tony feeds you wonderful, fresh fruit harvested by your faithful servants and hand-carried through sandstorms, bandits, Roman PSA legions, Mongolian hordes, camel-jacking beggar gangs, Jimmy Carter's Mideast Peace Patrol, Ayatollacal fanatics, and the Legendary Lost Legion of the BATF.

Suddenly, from amidst the figs, an asp appears! Its name is Ed! You bonk it on the nose with a pineapple and it flees. You will have a few more days rest.

Exhausted from the battle, you lay back, and Tony peels you another grape. Unaware that he's slipped another prescription Happy Pill [tm] into it, you float blissfully back into peaceful sleep, where you (yet again) find yourself dancing a fandango with 20 Suns, all dropping polished agate at your feet from their network connections. You offer them fresh kiwi, and they are your slaves for life.

Don't get too spoiled by all this - we want to see you again some day!

Last updated: 24 February 1996
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