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I'm Just Wired a Bit Different

a collection of strangeness


Miles O'Neal

an organic (dynamic) web book
Copyright 1986-1995 by Roadkills-R-Us, Austin, TX. All rights reserved. All lefts available at substantial discounts.


Author's Foreward
The Report to HUAC on this book
Complete Table of Contents
Book One Basic Weirdness
Book Dos Scary Stuff
Book Troi Flowers of FORTRAN
Book the Fourth Plays
Book Fini Longer Stuff
Book VI The Miles Side
Post Scripts Obituaries
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This is the flotsam and jetsam of my mind. What's it like inside my mind? Perhaps you should know before you proceed.
``Oh! ... Think of a haunted house!'' - Ian McCauley, in John Brunner's Total Eclipse

``Sometimes I give myself the creeps!'' - Green Day

These writings range from the cream of the crop to the dregs. Some are serious, some are insane, some are pretentious, and three have been arrested in various states as toxic waste. Some are in horrid taste.

Feel free to send me email with your opinions. Don't bother to flame me if I harpoon your favorite idol. Constructive criticism, honest opinions, bogus drivel, and lucrative publishing offers welcome.

The name of this book was inadvertently uttered by Paul Anderson in response to a remark by someone else; it was used to describe the author in general. It fits.

Many of these first made their appearance on The Net (Usenet, news, infobahn, whatever) in one of several news groups and froups: talk.bizarre, alt.prose, rec.arts.poems,, or elsewhere. A few were custom-written for friends, places I worked, or my own amusement. Some of the latter are just now seeing the light of day.

Miles O'Neal, 1 Nov, 1994

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