The Minority Report

to the House UnAmerican Activities Committee

on the Investigation of the Propriety of Applying

First Amendment principles to the Book known as

Wired Different

Michael Debinhex
Private Defective
This guy is weird. I mean, way out there. Both Joey Stalin and Joey McCarthy would know what to do with this guy. Felix Derzhinsky probably read this sort of stuff at bedtime.

After he pried it from the lifeless hands of its author, of whom he had taken care.

And the book? Well, it's not exactly a threat to the free world. I mean, he doesn't have any hidden agendas - I can't even find an overt agenda.

What did I find? Dangling participles. Pogoisms. Extreme obtuseness. Words. Punctuation. Vile predictions and predilections. Rewritten history. Nary a smidgeon of Political Correctness, or a conscience.

I don't see the point in even attempting to suppress it. Sure, he rags on the BATF, disses the very highest officeholders in the land, and generally wreaks mayhem on reality, while ignoring the validity of your points of view.

But so what? No one will read it. I sure didn't. You won't. The Secret Service would fold up tomorrow pleading insanity if they read it. I'm not even sure the author knows what's in here.

In summary, I suggest this esteamed body return its attention to more urgent matters, such as taking a course in balancing a checkbook.

Last updated: 07 September 1996
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