Author's Foreward

Where does this stuff come from?

Signals from the Dog Planet, I guess.

No, Really...


Could you be more specific?

I write for several reasons. One reason is that writing, for me, like thermonuclear explosions for Ted Nugent or Axl Rose, is an escape valve. Many of these stories were written while I was working absurd hours. Without this release, I would have gone postal. People would have died horrible deaths, as would large quantities of code, and my career, unless I decided to enter management.

Having a nasty aversion to voluntary frontal lobotomies, the only choice left was writing.

Where do you get your ideas?

If you can decipher the stories at all, it's usually obvious. To me, anyway. And to the others involved. If you don't see yourself here, just be thankful.

Wait. Hold that pose. That look on your face. Hmmm. Yes, I feel a story coming on...

Some of the stories impinge directly on the reality of the slice of the space-time continuum we prefer to call home. Sometimes inspired by people and events at my workplace. Other times by something I read - often related to the citizens of one particularly warped section of cyberspace known as talk.bizarre.

Not that I'm recommending it, mind you. Or it me.

Sometimes it was just caused by the random photons of various NSA radio transmissions of encrypted conversations between agents of the BATF, the IRS, and the National Democratic Party of the USA, as they struck the odd brain cell - usually resulting in subsequent fiery suicide for said cell.

Of course, as they say in real estate, location is everything. Some places are just quite inspiring. You can visit one of my favorite places to write:

What is your goal in writing?

To have some member of Clinton's cabinet unknowingly misquote Henry Kissinger:
"The only thing worse than appearing in one of his stories is not appearing in one of his stories."
Just prior to leaping in front of a fast moving squid.

To actually ever make money at it would be too much to hope for, so I'll settle for knowing I did my bit to improve the species.

somewhere way out in the hills of Central Texas, in the middle of the night, late in September, 1994 A.D.
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