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Oh, boy! Things are rolling! We have suggested names, letters to TRU, letters to editors, and letters to us. I cannot thank everyone enough for the support!

We can't disclose full contest entries yet, but we can let you see a few of the letters of support we have received. Meanwhile, write letters to Geoffrey! Alert Dave Barry! Write the Attorney General! (Maybe we can get on TV when the BATF is sent in to wipe us out!)

All opinions expressed belong to their owners. Our opinions about a certain mongo toy chain and its corporate parent are hopefully apparent from these pages!

Remember, you must send the letters to TRU via us, or at least Cc: us, if you want to qualify for the contest!

Names will be added after the contest is over.

What You've Been Saying

Some of these have been lightly edited purely for spelling, grammar, or strong language. My comments are emphasized just like this text - email you've sent is in quotes.

More, Newer Responses-R-U

Added to page Dec. 6

"Yes, it's ridiculous. Yes, it's true. They are going after everyone who uses anything like r-us in the name. A close friend of mine _was_ working at (one of?) the law firm(s) handling the trademark infringement issues. (I e-mailed him your URL!) Supposedly, they send their law clerks to research company names in phone books, etc., and any that they find anywhere are asked to change their name. This includes ALL industries, NOT just toys.

They have a right to protect their name (see below) but THIS is WAY out of hand. RRU cannot be considered a threat ito TRU in any way. I would never have seen your site if the lawsuit was not mentioned in a net magazine!"

"Your obnoxious actions regarding Roadkills-R-Us has forced me to boycott your store. I highly recommend that you tell your legal department to, ``get a clue''.

I have 7 nieces and nephews and I can assure you that I will not walk into one of your stores, ever! Further, I will encourage others to boycott your store becaues of the obvious bullying tactics of your legal department.

In case you still can't figure it out, Roadkills-R-Us ( is NOT a real company. Further, what is the content of the pages (including the name Roadkills-R-Us) is protected under the Constituion as Free Speech. Further, there are numerous cases showing that satire and parody (that's what Roadkills-R-Us is) is protected as Free Speech.

Perhaps your legal department can reread the Constitution. I would also suggest that they contact Intel (R) and ask them about what happened when they tried to ``blow off'' the Internet community. Ask them how many Pentium (R) processors they had to replace.

The only way I will even consider stopping my boycott is if Toys-R-Us, Inc. does the following:

1)Issues a formal apology
2)Places the apology on the Toys-R-Us home page for a period of at least 6 months
3)Places an ad in USA Today (R) with the apology
4)Gives Mr. O'Neal $1,000,000 (US Currency)

Thank you and good riddance."

I'd accept less, but probably not in Geoffrey Bucks.

Added to page Dec. 4

" would expect companies in the big business to spend their time in useful things. It does seem that some corporate lawyers either a) got tired of playing solitaire (or whatever they do in their idle hours, which seem to be far too many, anyway); b) felt they should prove that their work _is_ worth something (and this must be a very hard case) or c) are having a bad time and need to pour it down on somebody.

I do hope that this turns back on themselves. In fact, I wish this stupidity spreads up through their whole staff; if all of the company deals with their jobs in this same way, in no time they'll be on the verge of bankrupcity.

Ah, yes, I support that Mac-truck-hitting-of-the-giraffe suggestion too.

Go get 'em."

"Good. I sent them a nastygram via e-mail (to their web-site), and requested someone forward it to (and I quote, roughly verbatim) ``your legal department. Those [deleted].'' Private forum, and it'd only be libel if it weren't true. Taking the issue of whether ``the law, sir, is an ass'' to court is my idea of fun."
"I'm afraid I don't have any submissions to offer other than praise for your efforts and a hope that you keep the name. Until I had read the letters that you had received from Ms. Fowler, I had held an esteemed image of Toys-R-Us. As a representative of Toys-R-Us, Ms. Fowler certainly did more to damage my perception of Toys-R-Us as as a company who is interested in furthering fun and laughter. My suggestion to the public-relations people at Toys-R-Us would be to cease harrassment of Roadkills as soon as possible. The longer Toys keeps it up, the more people WILL associate Roadkill with Toys-R-Us, since Roadkill does seem to have a considerably stronger net presence than Toys-R-Us. In fact, I wasn't aware that Toys-R-Us even had a site until I read about it here. If it weren't for the threat of litigation against a site I find humorous, the association with Toys-R-Us wouldn't have even occurred to me."
Added to page Dec. 3

"I have already sent them comments via their web page. I reminded them that 20 years ago, or so, they were the little guys, and beset by some bullying action groups that actually coerced some jurisdictions to pass legislation forbidding backwards letters in any public signs or logos. It was felt that the backwards R was damaging to the educational process of children. At that time, reasonable people came to their defense in light of such absurdity.

Hmmm, maybe that's not a bad idea. We could resurect that movement.

Of course I promised that in the future I would spend exactly zero dollars in TRU or any affiliated R-US businesses.

And that holds even if they back off. The only way I would reconsider is if they made a public, national media apology to you (halftime at the super bowl would probably be acceptable) and actively promoted your site from theirs.

I don't really care about any contests, but you can forward this to TRU as you see fit.

The idealist in me says you should keep the name and fight. The realist in me acknowledges that practicality may require that you knuckle under, sad as that will make us all.

It *would* be fun to stay home days and watch it on Court TV, tho. Maybe Target or Wal-mart would subsidize your defense. If they had a sense of humor, they'd sponsor you doing a Roadkill-MART page."

Added to page Dec. 2

"You are in the right--don't let some big, faceless corporation hide behind the identity of a stuffed bit of felt fashioned to look like a giraffe. The only reason they're even trying is because everyone doing their dirty-work can hide behind a copyrighted name and convince themselves not to feel any guilt. 'I'm just following orders from higher up.' they probably say to themselves. It's a sick world we live in when people can call blatant wrong-doing and censorship "just a part of their job.

Dear Toys-R-Us(tm) Legal Department,

In a day and age of rampant litigation, one must question the wisdom of choosing to threaten a harmless, not-for-profit net-site such as Roadkill-R-Us. Your action only encourages this sort of dangerous, reactionary, leap-before-looking mentality in good, honest folks.

1.) Were you to carry through on your threat, it no doubt would receive media attention. This attention could be quite negative, and hurt your business. Perhaps you think sponsoring censorship is *good* business; I for one don't know what your opinion is on the matter. What I *do* know is that if you *do* believe such action will aid you in your efforts to make money, the mental/emotional health of your leadership should perhaps come under close scrutiny by professionals (and not the "professionals" you call a Legal Department, either).

2.) Were you to carry through on your threat, it would also further encourage our society's ideology of ``if you can't beat 'em, sue 'em.'' Once this is all over and the dust is cleared, whose to say you won't be sued by parents who worry that you're teaching their children improper grammar (look no further than your own corporations title for a prime example), or for backing the increase in violent ``play'' by children who can't help the fact that almost all the toys they can buy help breed antagonistic, destructive behavior? Sure, you're just selling those products, but why wouldn't some parent sue anyway? After all, it's been made clear by your own actions that just about anyone with a bee in their bonnet and a lawyer for a friend and/or employee can start a court case--even if they couldn't produce a legitimate reason to save their job.

It honestly sounds to me like the staff of the Legal Department have gotten pretty bored. I would even believe this started out as an office joke but then blossomed into some twisted bit of self-righteous folly. Surely no right-thinking person would have looked at the web pages of RRU and said to themselves, ``Now *there*'s somebody we need to sue.''

Although I have no children of my own (for whom I would refuse to by any products from your store), I do have friends and family. It will be my delight to inform them of your attitude towards freedom of expression and your desire to inhibit one person's own creative work (what sort of example does that set for the young minds whose money you want...).

All moral stances aside, unless you own a copyright on the acronym of "TRU," I don't really think you've got a legal leg on which to stand. Add to that the fact that satire is not legally considered copyright infringement (there is a legal precedent for this, although the precise case escapes me), and you're really in a sad spot. It's sad to see the brainpower of people obviously intelligent enough to complete a law degree being wasted on an effort like this."

"I started my Christmas shopping last night, and I bought some toys for my nieces. In the past I've always gone to Toys R Us, but *not this time*. KayBee got my business."
"To the folks at Toys 'R' Us:

Only an absolute moron would equate a web page named 'Roadkill 'R' Us' with Toys 'R' Us. And absolute morons don't generally operate computers. Also, is it really worth spending the money in litigation to teach this poor misguided soul a lesson? How many other times have we seen the 'R Us' affiliated with something other than Toys?

Perhaps you are spending way too much time taking yourselves seriously..."

One of their points is that they already own various other -R-Us trademarks. Of course, as we can see below, there are others they have hassled, but *not* made go away or pay them royalties. --Poor Misguided Soul

"I've just had a little talk with the lawyers at TRU, and I think they've gotten the message. You'll probably receive a letter tomorrow or the day after that saying they're sorry causing all this trouble for you and allowing you to continue using 'Roadkill-R-Us'. To show you their regrets this letter will also contain a picture of a giraffe, that climbed the fence at an African airport."

A refreshing change of pace, eh?

"Dear Sirs,

I fail to see why you choose to spend your money in legal battles over the name of a webserver. Recently I was in one of your stores. You would be much wiser to spend your money on merchandise and presentation. Many of your stores are obsolete and filthy. They are in dire need of renovation and your personnel could certainly be trained more. The sales associates I came in contact with were rude and unhelpful. The merchandise I was trying to locate could not be found and I was offered neither a raincheck or a substitution. Please take this into consideration when you are stewing over the fact that a web site is named Roadkills-R-Us. The name has nothing whatsoever to do with your company or Geoffery. It is simply a satirical web site where I can browse and laugh. Your absurdity in seeking legal action against this website has forced me to write this letter. I shall boycott your store and continue to inform everyone I know of my terrible experience while shopping in your store. One day, years from now, when you go out of business I shall laugh at the thought of your wasting money on frivilous legal battles over the name of a satirical web site. Recently I have found a store which carries just as good, if not a better, selection of toys than your chain. Apparently this store is the second largest seller of toys in the nation. It is a subsidiary of Dayton-Hudson corporation and is called Target. This is where my hard-earned money shall now be spent."

"Your legal department must be the dumbest, brain dead bunch of idiots this side of, this side of, this side of, well I think that they have the edge on both sides. Leave Roadkill-R-US alone! I have a daughter, several cousins and many friends with children. Rest assured, none of these children will ever receive a Toys-R-US toy. Ever. Period. My family and friends believe that this is a very, very, very bad PR move. A better move would have been to sell a "Uncle Eddie the Pedophile Doll". If this is typical of the rest of your management team, I won't have to worry, you will be going out of business soon.

You stink."

"Obviously, your experience indicates that TRU should change their corporate symbol to the wombat, as in the classic usage "Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time". Good luck with your 'avocation'. Obviously the lawyer problem has gotten similar to the white-tailed deer problem in the northeast, where an excess of suburbs has created prime habitat. Short of reintroducing their natural predators (what feeds on lawyers, anyway?) I think your efforts should be put into starting a corporate lawyer season; $25 tag and a bag limit of three.

Not to suggest belligerence on your part, after all, I'm not the one getting letters from a legal department, but don't you have a university with a law school nearby that would be itching to take a first amendemnt case in the trendy world of computer communications? It seems such a pity that we have to quietly lie down and accept the corporate takeover of all public space, both real and virtual."

"This is ridiculous. I can't even imagine what was going through TRU's legal department people when they came to the conclusion that people would confuse Toys-R-Us with a name like Roadkill-R-Us. Evidently some legal-beagle started seeing dollar signs and promotion opportunities or something. Then they had to top it all off with trying to push a satirical non-entity around as if it were a business. Stupid? Yes. Expected of lawyer types? Unfortunately, also yes. If TRU is afraid of becoming associated with something they need to consider that, in my eyes, they're becoming associated with the greedy, bottom-feeding and ambulance-chasing image of lawyers so often seen today.

Like more then a few others here, I think its time to boycott TRU. K-Mart and Target (even though both of them are further away then TRU) will be getting my business this Christmas, and with two kids that actually means something."

"By the way, t-r-u should be ashamed of themselves-like you are actually defaming their name! t-r-u they are not. p-e-u, yes!"
"To whom it may concern: Having just browsed the several other letters to the TRU corp. I have but one thing to add. I have but one life to to give to my country - TRU, you need to stick your head in a bucket of Ice water. Please don't take yourselves so seriously to think that this world would be a sad place without the 'divine guidance' your store gives to kids. Lets remember one thing. It's not the gift, but the thought that counts. So let's start thinking, huh? Here's my two bits, I hear they're having a clue sale at K-mart! Why don't you go get one! Sincerely yours, one who hates shopping at TRU!"
"I must say I was very disappointed with the actions of Toys R Us. This is just another example of a company who understands little or nothing of Internet culture, and has a knee-jerk reaction to something they obviously do not understand. What is especially ironic is the timing of Toys R US in launching this campaign. Whether they realize it or not, their actions are insulting regular Internet users familiar with the concept of Netiquette, i.e., the basic rules of conduct in Cyberspace.

I am sure Toys R Us will be pleased to know that this little negative PR stunt of theirs is getting some international recognition. I am composing this letter from Bermuda. Like residents of this country, I will be doing the majority of my Christmas shopping in the states. I can assure you I will not be patronizing Toys R Us. Their backward thinking lawyers have succeeded in making Toys R Us appear to be the big corporate heavy, trying to eradicate a non-corporate internet site dedicated to providing a little humor on the Net.

It looks like I'll be shopping at Wal-Mart this year.

Mr Lazarus, take a good look at what your lawyers are doing to your corporate image and act on it. And act on it quickly."

"Somebody has their head up an Assault Giraffe.

Name suggestion:

Decomposing bodies of Toys-R-US laywers and executives"

"You have a real problem but here are a couple of solutions: Just change the language. My preference is ``Los cuerpos de los caminos son nosotros''. Or if you feel spanish is not quite elegant enough how about ``Les corps de la rue sont nous''. In either case you could shorten the expressions: ``Cuerpos son nosotros'' or ``Les corps sont nous''"
"It has recently come to my attention that you have threatened the Roadkills page with a lawsuit if they didn't change their name.

This leads me to believe that you have no understanding of toys or what constitutes entertainment. Obviously the spirit of youthful play is all but dead in your organization. Kind of sad for a company which bases its whole existence on that concept.

I hereby refuse to frequent your establishments and will encourage my friends to do the same until you retract your threats."

Added to page Nov. 30

"Hey! You are just another sufferer on that highway of trademark roadkill where the bigun's get the littlun's. <8^)> Just look what happened to the old Auto Shack, now Auto Zone, and all the other cool names that were just a tad to close to one of the BIGUN's. I'm positive that you were planning to make tons of money by having a name sorta, kinda, like the giraffe guys (NOT!!!) and that's why they had to squish you on the trademark road. Oh well, even roadkill serves a purpose. TTFN and Rots o' Ruck!! ;))"

"I think the giraffe should be run over by a HUGE!! Mack truck."
"Toys-R-Us is selfish!!!!"
"I have four small children and have in the past shopped at TRU when all other purchasing avenues have failed. I can tell you from personal past experience why TRU would want to protect the name Roadkill R Us. After having purchased an item at this store, you feel as if you've been run over by a semi, and been left to bake in the sun until you are sufficiently cooked for the buzzards to nibble on. The only reason they didn't use the name Roadkill R Us, is because a mangled bloody giraffe would not make a very tantalizing child magnet. I think your name is great. Your forum is fun. I have some unused Geoffery dollars you could use in your defense fund. Let me know... As far as a new mane is concerned here are some ideas....As for me and mine,


" I think Shakespeare had it right: first, lets kill all the lawyers!

It strikes me that most of the letters are, in fact, form letters and not anything generated by a real person who is reading the replies. I cannot believe that anyone with even two brain cells could not see in the RRU responses that there is no such thing and that the Toys-R-Us[tm] name is not being infringed upon - poked fun at, yes, but not infringed! Perhaps they have no sense of humor.

I will do anything I can to boycott TRU throughout the holiday season and encourage others to do so as well. I say keep the Roadkills-R-Us name and let 'em sue!"

Let me make it clear that I do not think all lawyers deserve death. I actually know some wonderful lawyers who are also wonderful people. But we do seem to have an overabundance, and I'm sure we could export more to some underprivileged areas - Bosnia, for instance. Just a few. I get to name them. Guess where they work.

"Unfortunately our court system has become so clogged with litigation that has the substance of this case. It is disappointing that you will have to change your name, but at least you are getting an extraordinary amount of attention out of this. Good luck!"
"oh, puh-leaze. this is the single most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. ever. how sad that a respectable corporation can make itself look petty, humorless and downright laughable in just a few paragraphs. um, giraffe guys, you are paranoid with a capital p. get over it. no one with enough intelligence and money to walk into your store and buy toys is going to confuse a roadkill web page with a toy store. can you say clueless? the only ones who seem to be confused by the roadkills r us designation are you giraffes. as for the web page, just call it roadkills are we. show that you're more literate than the giraffes (a backwards r? no wonder kids today can't spell...)."
"Stand your ground RRU! Americans love a good fight and always support the underdog, especially when the underdog is being pushed around by a big overbearing giraffe. I'm glad I saw your page before I started to spend on Christmas presents. This year we'll buy our toys at Wal-Mart or K-Mart. New name?????? Only as a last resort."
Added to page Nov. 28

"Based on a very old joke about TRU being taken over by a minority group, and said joke not being p.c.(I can't repeat it), how about We Be Roadkills, Roadkills Be Us (the easiest route and not explicitly prohibited by Ms. Fowler), Roadkills Armadillo Us, or Trademarks Are Roadkills. Remember, the chicken crossed the road to show armadillos it could be done! Keep up the great work and good luck."

"Message to Toys R Us : get a life you sad people."
"What you should do is take the a big rock and smash it over the giraffe's head and have the head start to talk to you through your toes. Once that happens call the president and ask him if he wants to meet the giraffe."

And you thought I was weird! (And rightly so.)

"How about giving old Geoffrey a nice wicked case of strep throat?"
Added to page Nov. 26

"Well, this is pathetic. I still consider myself a newbie and have yet to sight your webpages but the philosophy behind the move to censure you must be unconstitutional, surely. (we don't have a constitution in NZ - hence my lack of knowledge)

It reminds me of a time 2 years back when a tiny country store out the back of beyond renamed themselves Harrods for a bit of a laugh, and had the full weight of the real Harrods legal department come down on them. The response here was incredulous and the small town near the store gazetted a name change for one week to Harrods just to give them the pip. Apparently geographic names slipped through a loop-hole in trademark law.

Good luck guys, if you have been around longer than them maybe some royalty payments to you would be in order!"

"I'm sorry about this whole R US mess after reading the first letter.

are, R, and us seem like fairly common everyday words and it's a bit of a farce that a big stink can be made of it.

I'm sure you'll come up with a better, more colorful name anyway.

"I hate that boring toy store. They sell junk and have that big stupid giraffe running around. I hope he gets hit by 5000000000 ton diesel truck.
He should be slaughtered and sold to the little kids that buy the toys. You could buy the giraffe's [body parts]. Until the toy store is out of business you should name your self RoAd KiLl Kafe, Giraffe Garbage Disposal, (GGD) Dead Giraffe's are us!!!"
"I am 13 years old, and I don't shop at Toys r us. I haven't since I was 6 years old (even though they consider me their target age). I think this is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard. I have been accessing Roadkills-R-Us (yeah.. i said it) for a long time, and hadn't even thought of associating it with Toys R Us until these pages came up. I think they are scared that someone will run over Geoffery and he will become a main dish at the (hehe... i'm gonna say it again ) Roadkills-R-Us cafe. Oh, come on... let me say it again: ROADKILLS-R-US (hehehe... aren't I bad)"

You are. I hope Santa brings you a Texas Speedbump (Armadillo) Throw Rug, coz yer so bad!

"I can freely promise never to enter TRU because the nearest one is far, far away. Furthermore, I won't set foot in a store whose name I don't understand. They are toys? They didn't study grammar in school?

I used to think (being from Yukon Territory, Canada, where roadkill is a way of life and an accepted hunting method for some) that it was an American thing - Toys R. U.S. or something. It still doesn't make sense to me.

However, RRU makes perfect sense - satire is always more logical than reality.

Don't give up!

[Suggested names deleted.]

I'm too p-o'd about this to be creative at the moment! TRU obviously understands Roadkill - big entity squishes small one - but don't let 'em squish you dead!"

"Keep up the good work! I found your pages quit funny and sent copies of your WWW address to my friends. I also sent a nasty-gram to the caring folks at ToysRUs via their own WWW page. (your page is MUCH better)"
"I'm amazed! And little Geoffrey looks so good natured and intelligent! Maybe they'd be satisfied if you would divvy the profits -- give them half of nothing and they might finally get the idea.

Hang in there guy. I'll divert Josiah's Christmas toy wish list to other stores. Unfortunately, I already bought the bicycle from Geoff."

Added to page Nov. 25

"I think that it's pretty sad that the people that sell toys to kids will sue you over a stupid thing like that - i mean our school store has a name with the format __________-r-us but I'm not going to tell you the name of my school 'cause then I might get sued."

I replied that I didn't blame him, but would NOT pass on any names to TRU that they didn't already know about (such as cases below).

"Don't see why you have to change. They are being ridiculous. Surely they have better things to do with their 1690016900 than going after the likes of you."
"UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! I am sorry toys-r-us, but after reading your letters to Roadkill-R-Us I (and as many of my friends as I can talk to) will not be doing any Christmas shopping at any of your stores in Edmonton this Year. I have never seen anything so completely stupid in my life. Your legal people must be desperate to keep their jobs and can't find anything better to do. Well, keep up this silliness and they won't even have shop lifters to prosecute as there will be nobody in your stores to steal anything.

I am hereby calling for a World-wide boycott of all Companies tied to the tail of that Giraffe."

Added to page Nov. 24

"This ToysRUs thing is the most absurd situation I have seen all year. I would send this to all the net magazines, and then proceed to ignore any further letters from them."

"When you talk about ``playing Geoffrey's fibula,'' I assume that means AFTER you've run him over and peeled him off your tires?"
"After having discussed it with the family, wife and kids, age 10, 12 and 18. We will no longer shop at or support toys-r-us. I cannot see where they are getting there nose bent out of shape. A recipe for the giraffe would be appropriate, but he is probably not edible. Keep up the good work at the cafe."
"My suggestion, Roadkill-M-We is possibly also too close to their name to work. I don't know whether the blame belongs to companies acting weird or lawyers being their normal selves, but this is one of lots of examples of laws we don't need invented to provide work for lawyers. I think the best solution to law problems would be to automatically issue law degrees and admission to the state bar for everyone as they successfully graduate from third grade. Then, when everyone over the age of ten has a law degree and can practice law, lots of these ridiculous laws and lawsuits would have very little reason for existing."
"Don't even think about changing your name. RRU is great. TRU has no claim to this name. 1. Their trademark deals with toys and other stuff. They have no claim to the sale (I know you don't sell anything but your name could imply that you do) of products like roadkills. 2. There are other ???-R-Us out there that cover different products. TRU trademark does not cover all ???-R-US names. 3. Let them sue. Until they do they have done nothing wrong. Afterward, they could be nailed with a criminal offense like malicious prosecution (depends on facts & jurisdiction). If you can't find a probono atty I will help (I am a law student.)"
"The giraffe is a very intelligent animal, as it has the ability to run a successful chain of childrens toy shops . I would like to know how ... a giraffe landed the job in the first place . Is Mr Giraffe using his position in his shoppes to infiltrate the minds of these vulnerable little dudes he employs, and why does he only have 5 year old dwarfs?"
"Have you been on the net as rru for 7 years?

Have you demanded they provide proof they had planned their Web page before they contacted you? (hmmm...)"

"Do NOT buckle under the pressure! I'm a parent who ends up spending a lot of dough at Toys-R-Us. If they do actually force you to change their name, I'll personally post this on my Web Server and they can deal with me! I'm an ISP in Northeast Iowa and believe you are in the right.

If there is anything I can do to help, just holler!"

"I live in a part of Texas that unfortunately has a lot of AMBULANCE CHASERS. It kind of looks to me that this whole RRU thing can be contributed in part to this type of sleeze that infects our great country. I strongly feel any American deserves the right to express himself or herself in any means possible - this includes calling his company a name that he likes.

Now a days people are looking to sue anybody for whatever reason, no matter how stupid or trivial the situation, and all for the acquisition of power and money.

I say stick to your guns and let them make a fool of them- selves in a court of law, if there is any true justice left in this country of ours."

"Hi, my company name is STRIPES 'R' US. I e-mailed toys r us asking about the legal stuff, because my R is backwards. All they sent me was a mouse pad from toy r us. I have since talked to a lawyer he said as long as I was not in the same market, i.e. selling toys, I am OK."
"I just can't believe this ... how incredibly asinine on the part of TRU. Oh well, what can you expect from lawyers. I hope you get to keep RRU."
"I work for a company called Spyrus (Secure paPYRUS is the derivation). We got a letter from TRU much like you did. What a bunch of ninnies."
"Silly, silly, silly,.... The spatula city thang would (IMHO) get you in more hot water than the toys-B-us thang!!!"

NOTE: Spatula City is not officially affiliated with RRU, though that would be fine! I think Stefan is doing an awesome job.

"Do whatever you can legally to [fix] those toy-pushin-[jerks] ! God is on your side my friend."
"You do not know me but I`m pulling for you guys. I think that it is sad when a company has to try to sue another company just because of an 'r'. I think that you should keep the name and beat up Geoffrey."
"Are they going to sue all X-R-Us businesses? Wichita, Kansas has no Toys-R-Us but a Bugs-R-Us (pest control). Can they persecute one business without persecuting all businesses that would taint their saintly name?"

No, they cannot. They do appear to be after everyone with anything like `-R-Us' in their name, unless they license the name from Geoffrey, Inc, and pay Geoffrey some bucks!

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