They Think They Won

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October 16, 1995

Mr. Miles O'Neal
Route 1, Box 558
Johnson Road
Leander, Texas 78641-9413

Re:  ROADKILLS-R-US         (Please refer to this file number and "R" US name
Our File No. TI95-082       in all correspondence and telephone messages.)

Dear Mr. O'Neal:

This letter will confirm our letter of September 1, 1995.
The sign outside of your business will be changed.  The
telephone book listing will be changed.  Please send a
letter to the telephone company advising them of the
change of name for the coming directory and copy me on
that letter for my files.

Between now and November 30, 1995, you will continue to
deplete your stationery supplies bearing the name ROADKILLS-R-US.
To the extent that those supplies are not depleted by
November 30, 1995, the remaining supplies will either
be destroyed or you will manually obliterate the "R US"
portion of the name thereon.

Provided that all of the foregoing changes are effected
within the time frames specified above, we can now
consider this matter closed.  Thank you again for your
cooperation in this matter.

                                           Very truly yours,
                                           Mavis Fowler
                                           General Attorney


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