A Happy Ending?

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 23 June, 1995

 Mavis K. Fowler, Esq.
 461 From Rd.
 Paramus, NJ

 Rte 1, box 558 / Johnson Rd / Leander, TX / 78641-9413

 Dear Ms. Fowler:

While I completely understand your zeal in defending the good name of
Toys-R-Us, and while you are certainly within your rights to contest
my use of the name of Roadkills-R-Us, I have a lot of time and personal
energy invested in Roadkills-R-Us, and I am loathe to give it up

However, I have a suggestion that could be mutually beneficial.
Toys-R-Us does not, as far as I can tell, have a presence on the
Internet.  And while Toys-R-Us certainly has a great deal of name
recognition, the Internet is still a somewhat different "world"
than most people are used to.

What I would like to suggest is that rather than forcing
Roadkills-R-Us to become something else, Toys-R-Us could in
fact leverage RRU's Internet name recognition.  While I alone
am responsible for RRU, Schober O'Neal, Inc, (of which I am
president) would be happy to assist Toys-R-Us in developing
its Internet presence, especially its World Wide Web presence.
Toys-R-Us could then announce that their web pages were being
handled by the same person who does the Roadkills-R-Us (no
relation) web pages.

While RRU's pages are not the most popular on the net, they are
extremely popular; thousands visit the site every month, and have
almost since its inception.  The RRU pages would, of course, include
a disclaimer that RRU is in no way affiliated with Toys-R-Us, and
noting that Toys-R-Us is a registered trademark.

Schober O'Neal would be glad to work with Toys-R-Us anyway, but as
I said, I believe that linking up with "the creator of Roadkills-R-Us"
would be excellent, free publicity you would not otherwise have.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
Miles O'Neall

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