An Incredulous Reply

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8 May, 1995

Mavis K. Fowler, Esq.
461 From Rd.
Paramus, NJ

Dear Ms. Fowler

I found your letter of two weeks ago quite interesting.  I am curious
where you heard of Roadkills-R-Us and what you have seen about it.  I'm
working on the assumption that you have only seen references to RRU.

Roadkills-R-Us does not actually exist as a company, or as any other
sort of legal entity.  It is purely an entertaining diversion, a
product of my imagination, which is currently expressed in Cyberspace
via what is known as the "World Wide Web" on the Internet, with
excursions into various Usenet 'news groups' (much like computer
bulletin boards for a variety of topics).  Further references to
all of these network entities will be simply to 'the Net' unless a
specific portion needs to be designated.

Correspondingly, my title of President is as fictitious as the
company itself.  RRU is an amalgamation of satire, dark humor,
and japes at myself and other topics.  There is no intent to
infringe upon the territory of Toys-R-Us or any of its 'R-Us'
subsidiaries or licensed customers.

RRU has no products or services, beyond some admittedly bizarre
humor on the Net, so there is no competition with Toys-R-Us.  In
fact, I strive for absurdity in regards to RRU, and I seriously
doubt that anyone with the intellectual capacity necessary to
negotiate traffic to one of your stores could confuse Roadkills-R-Us
with anything even vaguely related to Geoffrey's domain.

If anyone there has access to the Net, perhaps via PSI, since
Toys-R-Us has finally registered a domain name there, please feel
free to browse the RRU Web pages at In the
meantime, and in case network access is restricted there, I am
including some hard copy of some of the RRU pages.

I would be more than happy to include a disclaimer on all RRU material,
stating that RRU is in no way affiliated with Toys-R-Us, and noting
that Toys-R-Us is a registered trademark.

If a telephone call would expedite matters, we can arrange that at
your convenience.  The number above is my home phone; by day I can
be reached at 1-512-343-6666.  My email address is meo@rrucom but
for quicker replies during the week you should copy

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Miles O'Neal

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