SWISH 1.2.1 Manual

Note for pre 1.1 users: SWISH has changed considerably since version 1.0! The format is different and configuration variables have changed. 1.0 SWISH users should reindex their files using version 1.2.1. Please read the list of changes since version 1.0.
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  1. Overview
        What is ?
        SWISH vs Other Programs
        Platforms Supported
        Great! How do I get started?
  2. License
        Current Copyright and License
        Warranty & Disclaimer
        Original License
  3. Installation
        Building SWISH
        Installing SWISH
        Porting SWISH
  4. Configuration
        The configuration file
        Command line options
  5. User Guide
        Searching with
        Indexing with SWISH
  6. FAQ


  1. Usage Summary
  2. Config Example
  3. Changes
  4. Related References
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Thanks to all those who contributed input into swish. As always, patches, improvements, suggestions, and corrections are gratefully accepted. Send 'em all to Miles O'Neal at meo@rru.com.
Last update: 17/Aug/1998