SWISH 1.2.1


Note for pre 1.1 users: SWISH has changed considerably since version 1 .0! The format is different and configuration variables have changed. 1.0 SWISH users should reindex their files using version 1.2.1. Please read the list of changes since version 1.0.
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What is SWISH?

SWISH stands for Simple Web Indexing System for Humans. With it, you can index directories of files and search the generated indexes.

For an example of swish can do, try various keyword searches on my home page. Everything you see there were indexed by swish. When you do a search, it's the swish program that's doing the actual searching (but hidden behind a web-based interface called w4ais).

SWISH vs Other Programs

SWISH was created to fill the need of the growing number of Web administrators on the Internet - many current indexing systems are not well documented, are hard to use and install, and are too complex for their own good. Here are some pros and cons regarding SWISH:

Platforms Supported

Everything was written in pretty vanilla C, so it should work just about anywhere (at least anywhere with UNIX-style file I/O and directory names). It has been compiled with gcc or cc (and often both) on the following platforms by the current maintainer: Others, including the original author, have reported successful compilation and usage on these platforms as well: If you have successfully compiled SWISH for platforms other than these, please let me meo@rru.com know.

Great! How do I get started?

If you don't already have it, you will need a current copy of the source from http://www.rru.com/~meo/useful/www.html#swish. Unpack the source and compile and install swish, per the directions in the SWISH Installation Guide. Then, configure SWISH per the instructions in the SWISH Configuration Guide. Setting up indexes and searching them is covered in the SWISH Users Guide.

You will probably also want to install the w4ais package to provide a nice, web-based front end, unless you plan to use SWISH in a non-web environment.

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Last update: 18/Aug/1998