SWISH 1.2.1

Appendix A : Usage Summary

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Ways to invoke swish:

    swish [-i dir file ... ] [-c file] [-f file] [-l] [-v [num]] [-e] [-E]
    swish -w word1 word2 ... [-f file1 file2 ...] [-m num] [-t str]
    swish -M index1 index2 ... outputfile
    swish -D file
    swish -V
Options (defaults are in brackets):
    -i : create an index from the specified files
    -w : search for words "word1 word2 ..."
    -t : tags to search in - specify as a string
         "HBthec" - in head, body, title, header,
         emphasized, or comments
    -f : index file to create or search from [index.swish]
    -c : configuration file to use for indexing
    -l : follow symbolic links when indexing
    -v : verbosity level (0 to 3) [0]
    -e : emphasize words in comments when indexing
    -E : emphasize words in META tags when indexing
    -m : the maximum number of results to return [50]
    -M : merges index files
    -D : decodes an index file
    -V : prints the current version
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