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I'm running a little behind, here, since I have a real life. But keep the support coming, folks. It will show up here, and it will get to TRU.

These are some of the latest responses. If you haven't already seen them, check out the earlier ones, too.

We can't disclose full contest entries yet, but we can let you see a few [more] of the letters of support we have received. Meanwhile, write letters to or call Geoffrey! Alert the Roadrunner! Write Ted Turner and ask him to colorize Geoffrey's brain! (Maybe we can get on TV when the USPS is sent in to wipe us out!)

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What You've Been Saying

Some of these have been lightly edited purely for spelling, grammar, or strong language. My comments are emphasized just like this text.

Added to page Dec. 18

Giraffes-we-are; Toys-they-are; got that clear yet?

You might pass on to Toys-R-Us (until we got so arrogant) that it probably doesn't bother them at all to offend the Internet old-timers; after all, just because we have entirely too much disposable income, a world-spanning word-of-mouth network, and are quick to anger doesn't mean that we're a volatile and profitable part of TRU's market. Hey -- they're a discounter -- they can compete with Walmart, right?

I hate Toys-R-Us!!! Kill them!!!

Some people have far too much emotion on their hands.

Heya... caught your page off a link from Area 51. I'm changing my page's name to Yubanland R Us later today :) Also, feel free to report yet one more name to the boycott list... Sorry to ramble on so, but ... have you ever read Idiot Letters, by Paul Rosa? Its a chronicle of (quote) one man's war against corporate america (eq). And its FULL of the kind of moron-intensive thinking that TRU is demostrating.
I just saw the article in the Houston Chronicle Interactive online and followed their link to your site. I'll join the boycott and notify my family around the country. I intend to return my daughter's Christmas gifts that I already bought from TRU and buy them instead from Walmart.

If TRU ever gets a clue and really figures out what is happening, they should publish notification that they have ended this stupid silliness so that people know that the boycott has ended.

Here's a joke I heard this morning, it is applicable to roadkill.

What's the difference between a lawyer and a leech? A leech will let go when you're dead.

yo your web was okay but it could have been better ! so quit while your ahead and stay off the internet.or else!!!!!!!!!

If I got email like this, I'd start sleeping with a loaded rattlesnake by my side...

Once again the lawyers of America have saved us from ourselves. The [excess] of stupid lawsuits and awards is ever increasing, e.g., spilled coffee, repainted beamers and overturned Broncos. Just these three awards total over 10 million dollars! I agree with old Bill Shakespeare, kill the lawyers.

How about a new logo? I picture a giraffe laying on the side of the road, feet sticking straight, bloated stomach, inside a circle with a diagonal bar.And then they could adopt my favorite one-liner for their new corporate slogan, you masochists are only hurting yourselves.

You go on! As much as I hate to... I will join your boycott. No more Barbies from Toys R Us! I will shop someplace else until all this silliness stops.

I believe this person is a collector. Collectors typically spend more than parents with 3 kids.

I am behind you!! Down with the cheesey big wigs at toys-and-nuclear-bombs-r-us. They are increadably RUDE!!
Hello people. I have no idea what Roadkill-R-Us is or does, but I think it's bunk that TRU would be so lame as to threaten you.

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