Giraffe Swallows Self Accidentally, Internet Applauds

I'm running a little behind, here, since I have a real life. But keep the support coming, folks. It will show up here, and it will get to TRU.

These are some of the latest responses. If you haven't already seen them, check out the earlier ones, too.

We can't disclose full contest entries yet, but we can let you see a few [more] of the letters of support we have received. Meanwhile, write letters to or call Geoffrey! Alert the Roadrunner! Write Ted Turner and ask him to colorize Geoffrey's brain! (Maybe we can get on TV when the USPS is sent in to wipe us out!)

All opinions expressed belong to their owners. Our opinions about a certain mongo toy chain and its corporate parent are expressed elsewhere!

Remember, you must send the letters to TRU via us, or at least Cc: us on email, if you want to qualify for the contest!

Names will be added after the contest is over.

What You've Been Saying

Some of these have been lightly edited purely for spelling, grammar, or strong language. My comments are emphasized just like this text.

Added to page Dec. 14

Roadkills R Us is one of the coolest sites I have seen all semester. I am glad it exists,and if Toys R Us is so [goofy] (Goofy the character is trademarked. Goofy the adjective is not.) that it can't take a joke, it needs to get its head checked.

Or, is Toys R Us really plural, and they need to get their heads checked?


I don't normally include name entries here, but since my purpose in life is not to harass corporations, these are not proper contest entries, and there's a stinger at the end, which is why I've included them. I think TRU (someone in particular) will get the gist of what he's saying.

Here are some possible names: