Round Rock Chapel Youth Camp 1998

Preparing a Generation to Harvest

(June 4 - June 8)


This year the New Breed Network camp went back to Oklahoma, this time in Tulsa, at Oral Roberts University.

The theme this year was Preparing a Generation to Harvest, as in getting this generation ready as workers in the harvest. It dovetailed (as usual) beautifully into last year's camp. The focal points were learning what your gifts are, knowing how to use them, and learning to be led by the Spirit.

What happened?

The usual (ha!) Some of the kids took quantum leaps forward. Others moved forwards a good bit. A few, we can't tell with. Nobody managed to stave off God's spirit completely. A couple of kids got saved, and a bunch rededicated their lives. Everybody got something out of it, even the ones who didn't especially want to go. We met some awesome people. 450 youth and 50 or so adults (RRC had over 50 youth, 9 counselors, and one two year old). all spent 4 days together, and we loved it!

Where were we?

This uear, we only found where we were going, and when, about 2 months before camp. It would be in early June, at Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, OK). I was personally a bit leery of the place, but we were just using their facilities, and they were absolutely wonderful to work with.

The sound system in the main audoitorium was woefully inadequate for our purposes. Someone scared up some extra equiepment, but it was still not quite enough. In much of the auditorium, we had plenty of bass, wimpy highs, and way to little midrange - which makes vocals and various, crucial instruments just disappear when you have the music going full tilt. But that was my only real complaint.

The food was generally very good. This makes sense; ORU contracts out the dining hall service to Marriott Food Service. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The campus is beautiful. The dorms we were in had their downside (mildew smell, always cold) but this was also the first camp or retreat where we've had enough showers, and all the hot water we could stand (except last year at the beach). The dorms also had rec rooms, with ping pong tables, and the student union had pool tables, late night pizza, all the usual college amenities. A fair trade, in most of our opinions. Especially at shower time!

What we did and learned

Results - what really matters?

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