New Breed Network

New Breed Network is a network of youth pastors working together to provide better ministry to youth, support for each other, accountability, and to better hear and understand what God is saying to them, their churches, their youth groups, and other youth. They call the retreats New Breed University. These guys really relate to the youth. They're not condescending; they just really relate, and are open to hear God in knowing how to speak to and deal with youth.

The staff who worked on this year's retreat included:

Barry & Michelle Patterson sang and played for us, both as part of the overall praise team and by themselves, in addition to helping with teaching. So did Ben & Robin Pasley. We tried to get these four to do a concert together, but there just wasn't time for it. Maybe next year...

*These are the core New Breed staff of whom I'm aware.

Last updated: 17 July 1999

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