Round Rock Chapel Youth Camp 97

Raising a Prophetic Generation

(July 20 - July 24)


Ho hum - just another, awesome, nearly perfect youth camp. Almost boring, huh?

No way!


This year the New Breed Network camp was going to be more expensive (since it would be at a beach resort hotel), so we looked into alternatives. But we all felt that God wanted us to go to the New Breed camp. Hey - if God calls us there, He'll provide the fundage, no? He provided the fundage, yes.

What happened?

The usual (ha!) Some of the kids took quantum leaps forward. Others moved forwards a good bit. A few, we can't tell with. Nobody managed to stave off God's spirit completely. A couple of kids got saved (all but 1 of our group). We met some awesome people. 450 youth and 50 or so adults (RRC had 43 youth, 9 adults, and 1 toddler) all spent 4 days together, and we loved it!

Were there glitches? Sure. problems? Yeah. But nothing that could outweigh the good things.

Where were we?

We were at the Bahia Mar resort and conference center on South Padre Island off the Texas coast (near Corpus Cristi). I hadn't heard much good about Texas beaches, but this one was really nice. The hotel itself was a good one, and the staff was excellent. Everyone from the front desk to security (did you ever try to keep track of 450 teenagers, keep them out of trouble, but still let them have a good time?) to food service (the food was far too good to be camp food!), and everyone else, were truly wonderful. They were very patient, friendly, and helpful. I can't recommend these people enough (and no, I don't have any personal interest in the place!)

More details are becoming available as I have time to write them up.

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