Fundage 97

Our youth camp this year was more expensive than usual. $235 per person (including counselors). Plus travel expenses (about $1500). The youth did a car washathon, where people sponsored them at so much per car, up to 100 cars (many people paid for the full number washed - about 125). The car wash itself was free, as a gift to the community.

They also sold some very cool pens we had custom made, and a bunch of them worked at whatever jobs they could get, either for camp costs or spending money. (Beyond the money for camp itself, most wanted spending money.) We raised enough from these and the washathon to pay at least $100 towards each person's fees - a big help!

About a month before camp, the Lord asked me to make a sacrifice - to auction off the rights to my next haircut. That raised another $220 just before we left for camp - which put us within a few dollars of what we still needed!

Finally, a number of wonderful people provided ``scholarships'' for people who simply couldn't come up with the money. I pray these are richly rewarded for their loving gifts.

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