Round Rock Chapel Youth Camp 97

Raising a Prophetic Generation


Night 1 - Confess WHAT to WHO?

The first night started with some (heavy duty) basics. Mark talked about sin, and its effects on our lives. Among other things, he spoke of the need for confession. In our breakout session, the youth were asked to go to counselors, and confess the biggest sin or problem they were dealing with, or which they felt the Lord urging them to deal with. The counselors were then supposed to let them know that in Jesus' name they were forgiven.

As usual, our youth didn't fit the mold. One of the seniors, someone we all trust and look up to, confessed publicly to an area in which they had blown it, in a way that could have brought shame on not only them, but the whole group, their parents, (leaders in the church) and even the church. They asked for forgiveness.

It just got better and better. We spent most of an hour hearing the youth publicly confess to one another and asking forgiveness. Between the leaders we knew about most of it, but there were a few surprises. The biggest surprise, though, was simply seeing the youth interact in this way. Public confession is not an easy thing. This was real. Nobody tried to stir it up; we couldn't have made this happen if we had tried! And they were really forgiving each other and encouraging one another. It was so awesome! Sibling rivalries were ended. Insecurities got trashed. Some kids let go of some serious hurts and hatreds. Afterwards, there were a few individual confessions, but these were directly to the involved individuals, not just to a handy counselor. Forgiveness and love was so deep, it was just incredible.

(Will it last? Well, I'm updating this over a year later, and the kids who forgave each other are still hanging out together. A good start, eh?)

The next 3 days consisted of several sessions per day, plus free time. Most of the sessions where we all met together included drama, dance, or skits by various youth groups. These sessions also included praise and worship times, and prayer and ministry times.

Free time was spent on the beach, at the pool, waverunning, parasailing, horseback riding, 4wheeling, etc.


During one of the sessions, Mark spoke to the guys about being a Godly man. He used illustrations from his own life and people he knew well, explaining some of his failures, and how God forgave and healed (as did the other people involved). This honesty made a real impact on some of the youth; one guy who had really not wanted to come began to soften at this point.

The guys got initial bracelets, except the letter blocks were "W W J D", standing for "What Would Jesus Do?", as a reminder of how to handle our dealings, especially with the gals.


While Mark was with the guys, his wife Sandy was talking to the girls about their being precious packages from God. I asked my daughter, Esther for a summary. (Since I had cut my hair I had no chance of sneaking in. 8^)

The gals got little gold boxes with gold ribbons, containing ribbon necklaces with silver hearts on them. Sandy explained that as precious packages, they weren't to let anyone take off their wrappings or tear them apart, and that they were to keep their hearts from getting tarnished with sin.


Alan spoke the first evening about destiny, how we each have one, and about ``destiny thieves'' - whatever would rob us of any part of our destiny.

Quiet Times

Alan spoke on almost everyone's least favorite subject as only Alan can do it - and we lapped it up. He covered what they are, what they aren't, why they are important, how to do them and what not to do.

Hearing God and What to Do with What We Hear

During two morning sessions, Carl dealt with the issue of prophetic giftings with the youth. He covered everything from the basics (knowing when it's God) to being careful to understand what we are to do with what He says (speak it privately? speak it publicly? intercessory prayer?) to how to share it when appropriate to mistakes (avoiding them and dealing with them when we don't avoid them).

The Core of All Ministry

Tommy spoke to the counselors one morning some overlooked basics of ministry - receiving correction, confession, and counting the cost.

Identity Crises

Another morning, Tommy spoke to the counselors on the importance of knowing who we are as Christians, who we are, and the problems when we don't know that.

Ugly Ducklings

The second night Alan spoke about God turning ugliness into beauty, and offering what we have - which means knowing what we have to offer. He reminded us that it's not all about us, it's about Him.

Daddy Loves Us

The final evening, Mark spoke about God as not only our Father, but our Dad, and us as His kids, on the Holy Spirit and us, and on the natural versus the supernatural.

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