Youth Camp 2006 (Round Rock Chapel at New Breed Network)

Breaking Free

Or, ``How I Spent My Summer Vacation: With a Few Hundred Teenagers''

This year's youth camp went deeper than I can recall any other going, and they've all run deep. The thrust of camp this year was that we not only need to break free from something, but to break free to or for something.

Who went?

We took 31 people this year, with a freakishly high counselor to student ratio. We had three women with nine young women, and seven men for 12 young men. Three of the younger male counselors were not full time counselors, as they were helping with overall camp duties, but they were counselors. We normally shoot for one adult per five or six youth. At least we weren't understaffed! This year's youth were one of the easiest groups we've ever had to manage. We had very, very few problems. Most of the youth (from 7th grade through just graduated from high school) had been with us at least several months, we did have one newbie in junior high, and one counselor took her (very mature) going-into-fifth-grade niece.

Where was it?

We were back at Del Lago Resort on Lake Conroe, north of Houston. Houston got 10.5 inches of rain the day before camp started (hurricane season!) but Lake Conroe was doing just fine. Last tiome we had camp here we were in the "cottages" (rather nicer than those in your typical fairy tale!) but htis time we were in the tower (hotel accomodations). We had a bit over half the 4th floor, which was a good place to be since the place really needs 6 or more elevators, has only three, and we never saw more than two working (they're in the midst of remodeling). We used the stairs a lot, which wasn't a problem for most of us, but was rather annoying to those on the upper floors (like 18) and to some older people and folk with leg problems. But it still beat the tar out of some of the barracks style camps we've been to! The food was good, they had a pool and a small, lakefront beach, basketball and volleyball courts, and other things we chose not to use this year. The auditorium held our 900 or so people just fine.

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