Youth Camp 2006 (Round Rock Chapel at New Breed Network)

Breaking Free


This is a list of the topics covered this year. If you're interested in more detail, you might check with the New Breed staff or you can email me for more information (I'll provide what I can).

Topics all related to breaking free: from sin and from bondage of whatever sort (anger, hurt, insecurity, porn, whatever); what freedom really means; what to do with your freedom. The following are mostly my best guesses at the sermon or teaching titles. Don't let words like "teaching" or "lessons" scare you- these guys are the most UN-boring teachers and preachers on the planet.


Tuesday and Wednesday we had workshops. Some years we had three days of workshops, but this year we had an extra general session Thursday with Mark, while Allen, Richard and Bruce spoke with most of the counselors. Workshops are generally run by youth pastors from the cyouth groups at the camp, or by special guests helping with aspects of the camp (such as musicians).


I was at Jameye's workshop both days, so I have little to no information on any of the others.

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