Youth Camp 2006 (Round Rock Chapel at New Breed Network)

Breaking Free

New Breed Network Camp Format

The schedule every year looks pretty much the same:
	4:00PM		Registration
	6:00PM		Dinner
	6:30PM		Counselors and leaders meeting
	7:00PM		Evening service
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:
	8:00AM		Coffee available, leaders start breakfast
	8:15AM		Breakfast for everyone
	9:00AM		Counselors and leaders meeting
	9:30AM		General session
	9:45-10:45AM	Morning service
	11:00-11:55AM	Workshop
	Noon		Lunch
	1:00-4:00PM	Recreation
	5:30PM		Dinner
	6:00PM		Counselors and leaders meeting
	6:30PM		Evening service
	????PM		Individual youth group breakout sessions
	11:00PM		In rooms
	11:30PM		Lights out
	8:30AM		Breakfast
	9:30AM		Load up and leave
The main changes throughout the years have been whether camp went Thursday-Monday or Monday-Friday, and whether we have breakfast provided the last morning before we leave.

Everyone wears a color-coded arm band, which lets camp security know you belong there (protection of campers). Students have one of several colors based on which church they are with, while leaders have purple bands. Purple bands denote authority, and let you cut in line for breakfast and dinner to eat first and get to the leader meetings. The auditorium seating is color-coded to show where each group sits. Each color band will include several churches; the leaders determine seating within their section. The colors move between sections for each service so that nobody always gets stuck at the side of the stage. Ideally the leaders switch their groups between front, back and middle rather than try to hog the front sections. At times in the past that hasn't happened much but this year it worked pretty well.

This year we only had workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday we had a session for counselors while Mark handled an extra teaching time for the teenagers. Workshops are mostly taught by youth pastors, who teach on whatever is on their hearts. In the past we have also had workshops run by musicians, artists and others.

Last updated: 24 June 2006

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