What's Up with Tiffany?

Mid-spring this year (96), our pastors' 8 year old daughter, Tiffany Hall, began acting very sick - massive headaches, vomiting, sleeping 21 - 23 hours a day (this is your basic, high-energy 8-yo, normally). The doctor, of course, said it was just a sinus infection. They finally got a doctor to do some real tests (gotta love them HMOs), which got someone's attention so that they did a brain scan.

One each, lemon-sized tumor on the brain stem.

The whole story (see below), documented here through on-line prayer requests, discussions with friends, etc, is pretty wild, and well worth reading. For now, though, here's the...

Current Status

7 Apr 97 (00:55 PM):
Almost a year from the day Tiffany was first operated on, she died. The family, and all of us, were hit really hard by this. We are still struggling with what we heard, and with what has happened. We covet your prayers.

Thank you, Round Rock! The Halls still owe gazillions in medical bills that insurance refused to cover (not unusual with cancer). Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated! And whether you help with the finances or not, please keep praying.

What can we do?

I would rather you not redistribute this document. Instead, point people to this web page, or have them send email to meo@rru.com for the latest details. That will help prevent this from turning into another Craig Shergold fiasco! If you do redistribute this, please make sure they contact Hope Chapel or myself before they send anything, or before they pass it on! Feel free to link to this page. Thanks.

Get the whole story

This is all heavily tied in to the vision He's given us for revival (from the beginning, he showed Tiffany's mom that this was something bigger than just Tiffany (as if that isn't enough!), that He was going to bring revival through the situation). That as we really seek Him, and dwell in His presence, prayers for healing will naturally flow, and the healing (many types, and not just Tiffany's) will supernaturally flow. This is what we saw happen at youth camp this year, and He told at least two of us that what we saw at camp was a foretaste, and in a way a vision, of what He wants to be doing throughout the church. And He means "the church", not just Round Rock Chapel. And it's happening!

You can also see the previous status reports.

Last but hardly least!

If you or your church, prayer chain, mailing list, or whomever is praying for the Halls, please let me know the name and address (email or post) of the person, church, or other group. It is an encouragement to all of us, and a testimony to the world. Round Rock Chapel and the Halls would also like to be able to send a thank you.

The Halls really appreciate the prayers and gifts. And I wish that I could also thank each one of you who has prayed, written with encouragement, or sent a love gift. God bless you, every one!


Tiffany was very, very special to my immediate family. In many ways, all of the Hall children are like other children to us. Their open arms and open love helped sustain me during the time I was away from my family, waiting for our house in another state to sell so that they could join me.

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