Tiffany - Previous Status Reports

21 Sep 96 (2 PM):
There's some new test that reliably detects cancer activity levels, and Tiffany's results show none. In fact, to look at this test without knowing her history, you wouldn't think she had recently had a problem. Furthermore, it turns out that now the swelling is not related to the steroids she was getting, but to blocked lymph nodes. The best guess is that the tumor is breaking down faster than her body can readily dispose of it. She's getting massage for the lymph nodes, which is helping.

9 Sep 96 (11 PM):
Still more improvement. Her appetite is normal. She talks normally. Most of the side effects (except her appearance, because of the steroids) are gone. She still isn't as active as she used to be, but she's much better, and she's even content for her folks to be away for a while now - for a long time she wanted them around all the time, especially her Mom.

17 Aug 96 (5PM):
This has been a another good week. Dennis is back at his job part time, and Vicki, while still a bit tired, is much more her normal self again. She's even looking forward to this year's home schooling, which she had been dreading since for a while now neither she nor Tiffany has had any time or energy to spare.

They have lowered her steroid dosage. She has almost full use of her arm again, she isn't as puffy, the headaches are gone, she has been teasing her dad, the headaches are gone, and her eyes are less crossed. And the vomiting and headaches are gone!

12 Aug 96 (7AM):
This has been a very good week. Dennis preached yesterday, and Vicki was back to normal. Today Tiffany had a catheter put in for the next round of shots (she's on a new, experimental treatment that doesn't involve chemo, radiation, or other nasty stuff, but does require 3 shots a day - ouch!); all her shots can now go through this catheter.

4 Aug 96 (7AM):
This has mostly been a good week. Tiffany finished the treatment that involved so many shots. The last two days have been especially good. Dennis & Vicki are still tired, but doing well. Tiffany is still on steroids to keep her brain fluid draining, so she's rather puffy, but otherwise she's doing well. Dennis feels they have crested a major hill.

The MRI last week pointed out two things:

27 July 96 (3PM):
Tiffany had a horrible day yesterday; they thought she was having a seizure and called an ambulance. The tumor is again blocking off the hole where fluid passes from the brain case. They did an MRI, and the tumor has not changed. The doctors are perplexed, because this sort of tumor is normally extremely aggressive, and they expected it to have either killed her or grown much larger by now. They considered a shunt for the fluid, but decided to just step up the steroids instead.

Other than that incident she has been doing pretty well.

23 July 96 (noonish):
After the prayer vigil last night, Tiffany was much better. Today she is acting like her normal self.

22 July 96 (late PM): Tiffany is having a rough evening. Tom Davis did, indeed, come visit this weekend, and she thoroughly enjoyed getting to hear him play, although she did decide not to sing a duet with him.

20 July 96 (late PM): Tiffany is doing well. Her mom is in much better spirits. We are rejoicing, and still praying.

20 July 96 (early AM):
Yow!!! Tiffany has had 2 really good days in a row! She is getting good (and enough) sleep. She is eating. Please keep praying!!!

19 July 96: Nothing much new. We are holding nightly prayer vigils during the time that is roughest for Tiffany (9:30 to 11:30 PM) and we have people praying around the clock for her. One of her musical heroes (see 9 Jul entry below) went to see her when she was in Dallas, and will be playing at church this weekend, all because he heard Tiffany wanted to meet him.

15 July 96:
Tiffany's strength and symptoms ebb and wane. We had another all night prayer vigil Saturday night, and will probably be having them every night until the symptoms are gone. Dennis' parents have come to stay as long as necessary (T.D. had to cancel a number of speaking engagements to come down for this).

13 July 96:
We had an all night prayer vigil in front of the Hall's house last night. Tiffany did much better, and they slept most of the night. This morning Tiffany was able to eat again without being sick, her eyes were less crossed, and her face less puffy. Dennis and Vicki, though, still have a lot of sleep to catch up on, and they are battling fear (imagine that!) Thank you, everyone who is praying!

11PM CDT 12 July 96:
Tiffany is showing The Symptoms again. Headaches. Crossed eyes. Vomiting. Vicki is exhausted, physically and emotionally. Please pray.

9 July 96:
The Make a Wish Foundation heard about Tiffany and asked her if she had 3 wishes, what they would be. She wanted to go to Fiesta Texas, meet Troy Aikman, and meet Tom Davis ("Who?" "a Christian singer." "Huh.") This was all kind of wild, since she had already gotten 2 of her previous 3 wishes from when her parents had asked her. She has been to Fiesta Texas, met Troy and gotten his autograph, and Tom is scheduled to be in town either this Sunday or next (the poor Make a Wish people didn't even get to help with that one - one of Tiffany's grandfathers knew Tom Davis through some other people, and called him directly. 8^)

Tiffany is doing about the same. IE, she should be on her deathbed; instead, they went to Dallas/Ft Worth yesterday to meet Benny Hinn; next week she goes back to be interviewed by James Robinson (Trinity Broadcasting Network).

1 July 96:
Tiffany's still on various medication for some of the symptoms, and after-effects of the radiation. These are causing some swelling, digestion problems, etc.

29 June 96:
The Lord told Dennis (her dad) that Tiffany is healed. Dennis isn't one to go around hearing the Lord when the Lord isn't speaking! So despite Tiffany's constant pain and total lack of energy, the family began thanking and praising God, and went to Six Flags, one of the things on Tiffany's wish list. Just before they left, she suddenly started acting like her old self again, and she apparently had a real good time. Since then she has shown no more pain, no more listlessness, and is acting normal.

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