Thank you, Round Rock Chapel

I spent three hours on a street corner today with a sign and a bucket (thanks, KFC!) collecting money to help pay Tiffany's medical bills. (Yes, I put in some money, too!) Any of you who have known people fighting cancer know that medical insurance generally leaves a lot to be desired in this area. Additionally, since the doctors hold no hope for Tiffany, and the FDA will not even look at most of the things out there that can help with cancer, insurance won't pay for some things at all.

Anyway, the people around the City of Round Rock were very generous today. Some gave more than once. One lady handed John a one hundred dollar bill. He managed to refrain from hugging and kissing her (barely), and kept finding tears in his eyes. (This happened to several others, too.)

A lot of the people who gave have families, were driving cars that weren't brand new, and obviously don't have money to throw away (who does?) But they gave. One lady kept driving by, throwing change in - she was shopping, and every time she saw any of us, she gave whatever change she'd gotten at stores or the bank since she last saw us. Ultimately, she gave quite a bit - in change.

Who gave? All sorts of people. Every skin color - Mexicans, black people, Japanese who hardly spoke English, Indians (both American and Asian), white people, and people whose origin you couldn't begin to guess.

People in expensive clothes, people in work clothes, people in tatters. Men. Women. Teenagers. Little kids. Over half the motorcyclists that stopped at that light gave! Old ladies. Girls who just got their first drivers license.

Rough-looking guys in hard hats with tattoos. Ranchers. A guy who looked like a banker. Hot babes in a hot convertible. Guys who were too cool to even look at us. Weather-beaten men who looked like they've been out in the sun, working hard, since the depression.

A couple of punks. Dads with a car full of kids. Moms in Suburbans. Tough guys in tough cars. Students (Longhorns and Aggies, among others).

A couple of weeks ago when some people were doing this, a guy in an Ozarka truck stopped and gave everyone cool, fresh, water - free. And on a 100 degree day in the midst of a drought in central Texas, that was a lot.

I hope God blesses your socks off, people of Round Rock! Tiffany's family really appreciates it, and so do all of us, their extended family and friends. We love you, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And if Round Rock Chapel can ever help you, don't hesitate to call. No strings attached -- just like with the money you gave to hot, sweaty strangers on the side of the road today, for Tiffany.

(For those who may be wondering, I the guy with long hair at 1325 and I-35 between noon and 3PM today.)

Oh, yeah. Over a dozen people were involved in counting this tonight. You gave just over $9,855. A lot of people a dollar or two, or some change, and apologized. About $2,000 of this was in change! The vast majority of the rest was in ones. Every bit helps. No apologies are necessary!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Our sister church, Hope Chapel, raised another $2K to $3K (we will know tomorrow) in Austin. Someone called the police on them, complaining about "pedestrians in the streets" (we worked hard to not impede traffic, do anything dangerous, or present any hazard). The Austin police showed up, lights blazing, and asked what was going on. The officers listened, looked around, turned off the lights, donated some money, and drove off! Yow!

for Tiffany's Team

Round Rock Chapel : 388-2200

Thank you, Round Rock!

Last updated: 04 February 2002

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