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If YoU hAvE tO aSk, YoU dOn'T wAnT tO kNoW.

``It's not news named the talk dot bizarre froup, it's a news froup named talk dot bizarre.'' -Jim Fulton, X guru, in the throes of a convulsion induced by a 148 degree (F) fever.

[If you had graphics, there would be a volcano here!] [If you had graphics, there would be a volcano here!] Touch a volcano to see what most mortals see in talk.bizarre or anything else in the picture to see the reality (217 kb).

``If it never hurts your brain, it isn't teeDOTbee!''


Because, unlike some MORONS, these pages understand the t.b motto:

Read. Learn. Evolve.

It's evolving. Not ``under construction''.

``Better Living Through Creative Mayhem'' -BoB teCh


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So What?

Evidently, there has been some confusion over this Web Page's purpose. Which is pretty stupid, as it has none. It sold its purpose to the Algerians - well, actually traded it. For hypertext-ready, MIRV newtron bombs.


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Either fill in the Wuh Wuh Wuh form or send email to the address at the bottom of the page (sic).


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These pages are netscape-dehanced to get that total, virtually bizarre, scent.


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