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This is the page for bizarre pages or pages with bizarre things, that are not pages of posters from talk.bizarre, bizarre or otherwise, regardless of whether they are t.b.lurkers, or whether they have ever looked at, discussed, thrown up in, or heard of, talk.bizarre, or whether they have ever seen, heard, posted, watched, listened to, tasted, smelt, touched or made, the news, or the net, or wanted to, or might have, if they could have, or would have, but didn't, although it's entirely possible, that they are or were or will be.

Please don't think that we do or don't condone, support, allow, encourage, or believe in such people, their servers, their pages, their systems, sponsors, families, or existence. But since there they are, here they are. In particular, this page is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with talk.bizarre, and neither talk.bizarre, nor its cabal (tinc), Steering Committee, or supporters, detractors, users, lurkers, or newts are liable for anything here or elsewhere.

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You have been warned.

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