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Version 2.1.27: 25 Oct 2001

This is the general-information FAQ (Frequently Asked/Answered Questions) for the rec.music.christian newsgroup. It is not by any means the only FAQ that does exist on this group, but it is the only one with this specific cross-section of information.

It is currently being posted monthly.

Publications, mail-order stores, and any other services mentioned herein are not intended as advertisements per se. I definitely receive no money or discount for mentioning any of them. Most don't even know that this list exists, or that they are included.

I make a policy of trying to include everything that I hear about. When something is sent to me, I may well include it verbatim. I will try to clean things up when necessary. I don't have the time, money, or inclination to try everything.

You should practice careful-consumerism in your monetary transactions with any and all of these services, just like I hope you do in all of your transactions. Do not assume that just because an individual or buisness is (or claims to be) a Christian that everything will automatically be perfect.

No warranty is implied about these services, but if you do experience problems, please let us know so that others can benefit from your (unfortunate) experiences.

New stuff and/or changes since last posting may be indicated by vertical bars ('|') in the first column, or by the notation, NEW! before it.

Forward any comments, corrections, and/or additions to: Miles O'Neal <meo@netads.com>.

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rmc has a World Wide Web home page at http://www.netads.com/rmc/. Additional artist web pages, email addresses, etc are available on a page under that one.

Information Wanted - Reward Offered!

If you send something, please let me know if you want your name left with it. If you recognize something in here as yours, and want your name attached, please let me know. If I snarf something out of rmc, I will leave your name with it in here, unless you ask me to remove it. (The reward is the fame and gratitude from your sisters, brothers, and Dad... 8^)

The FAQs - just the FAQs


Publications: (size, price, address, etc.)

(In no particular order)

Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Magazine 1-800-333-9643
P.O. Box 55996
Boulder, CO 80321-5996
subscription: $19.95 for 1 year, 12 issues.
This one's scope is rather broad. They try to hit everything and to not be too nasty, although every now and then even they have to draw the line. Positive side: once you get to know the reviewers, its a cake-walk.

They have been accused of mediocrity on the one hand and worldliness on the other. You can find Sandi Patti and King's X in the same issue.

939 W. Wilson Ave.
Suite 202-C
Chicago, IL 60640
| subscription: FREE (approx. 3-5 times/year)

Connected with JPUSA. Not just music here. But when they do review and/or interview, they do tend to know what they are talking about.

Heaven's Metal
P.O. Box 17367
Austin Texas 78760-7367
subscription: $12 for 1 year (6 issues)

The name sez it all. Published every other month. (send $1 for sample issue)

Notebored (Subscriptions) 1-(215) 593-7176
P.O.Box 238
Atglen, PA 19310-0238 1 yr (12 issues) is $12.99 (US)
($19.99 Canada, $35.00 elsewhere)

6 issues of Notebored per year with 6 supplemental issues of Xtrabored per year.

True Tunes News 1-800-669-TRUE
| http://www.truetunes.com/

Hybrid-zine from True Tunes. Published quarterly. Consider it a combo review/interview-rag and mail-order merchandise catalog for the alternative/progressive christian music scene.

| The Cutting Edge


Christian Music Bulletin
Box 881
Portage, Manitoba Canada R1N 3C3

email: chazm@portage.net

Subscriptions CAD$17.50/year ($19.90 as of 1 Jul, 1995). Outside Canada, please inquire. Purpose is to encourage, challenge and network Canadian music ministers.

Cross Rhythmns Subscriptions
Cornerstone House
28 Old Park Road
Email: crossrhy@cnrstone.avel.co.uk
Web : http://www.message.org/cr/

Published in the UK every two months, and prints a massive review section. If you're looking for the magazine that reviews the most CCM releases, CrossRhythmns wins hands down: their editorial policy is to review every CCM release - this results in about 100 reviews per issue.
Cheque ("Cross Rhythmns") / Access / Visa / IMO

		2 years        1 year
		12 issues      6 issues

 UK:             #29.00         #14.50
 EC:             #37.20         #18.60
 Aus/NZ:         #58.80         #29.40
 Us/Other:       #52.80         #26.40

       (Prices in pounds sterling)	


Free via e-mail (lighthouse-info@netcentral.net and via the World Wide Web at (http://www.netcentral.net/lighthouse/index.html). Broad range... mostly rock/alternative/contemporary.... varies a bit... but a pretty broad spectrum...

Revelation! Christian Music Newsletter
Douglas LeClair, editor ( dleclair@logic.uu.nix.com)
12120 Salix Court,
San Diego, CA 92129-3767

Covered wide range of Christian music from Adult Contemporary to Thrash and Metal. News, Reviews and Interviews... Douglas now runs a Christian radio show entitled A2A (Alternative 2 Alternative) on KPLR 620 AM at Point Loma Nazarene College, saturday nights from 9PM until midnight Pacific Standard Time. Featuring the best local Christian music.
$2.00 for a back issue (only #1 is left).

The Phantom Tollbooth
Web : http://www.tollbooth.org/
e-zine involving many former/current rmc netizens. Staff includes Linda Stonehock, Shari Lloyd, J Robert Parks, Chris Parks, Ed Rock, Lisa Reid, the Leifeste brothers, A. James Stewart and some others. Covers 'music from a christian perspective' which usually ends up being alternative music.

Visions of Gray
David Vanderpoel, editor smudgemgt@aol.com
Sam Walton, designer walton@gcnext.gac.peachnet.edu
P.O. Box 724973
Atlanta, Ga. 31139

Features national signed and unsigned acts, but focusing on independents, especially relevant to the Southeast US.

1 year, 12 issues: U.S. $12.50, International $18.50, 1st class $20.50 Full subscription includes free compilation CD featuring independent artists. Free trial subscription for three months available by writing to the above address.

Christian Country Research Bulletin
Christian Country Research Bulletin
7057 Bluffwood Ct
Brownsburg, IN
1-317-892-5031 (voice)
1-317-892-5034 (fax)

email: ccrb@ai2a.net (Lee Roberts)

Call or write to inquire about subscriptions, info, etc.

Where To Buy The Stuff We Talk About

(In no particular order)

In the USA
No attempt has been made here to list the sale-du-jour since that kind of thing changes over time.

Long's Christian Music
407-422-0293 (v)
407-649-1914 (f)

1610 Edgewater Drive (Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM EST)
Orlando, FL 32804

average CD price: $12.50
Infinite selection
Their catalog is a must if you want to have a list of everything that is available.
CDM (Christian Digital Music)
4051 Berrywood Drive
Santa Maria, CA 93455
average CD price: $8.99
(up to $5.00 credit for trade-ins)
send a S.A.S.E. for a free catalog.
Sure the selection isn't as great, but who else is going to give you $5 credit for your used CCM CDs?
Christian Book + Supply
1-800-323-3947 (10AM-5PM EST)
481 Great Rd
Acton, MA 01720
average CD price: $11.98
(buy five, get one free!)
Their mail order is mostly music, but you can order just about any Christian merchandise from them.
|The Cutting Edge
Gone out of business. (Angelo Rubatto <RUBATT1@che.und.ac.za>)
True Tunes
1-800-669-TRUE (orders only)
1-708-665-386 (info)
1-708-668-8215 (fax)
210 W. Front St.
Wheaton, IL 60187
Tend to go after the 'alternative' crowd a little more, in that they offer sales on artists that mainstream outfits don't. And they also stock independent labels. (i.e. not just stuff distributed by Word ;-)

According to Jeff Elbel (http://www.netads.com/music/marathon/ftj/) , the store and club are closing. The mail order store is not closing, nor is the magazine.

Jacob's Ladder Christian Music & Video
214 College Avenue
Holland, MI 49423

Rad Rocker's Distribution
1-313-439-7029 (v) (weekdays after 8pm EST and weekends)
1-313-439-7048 (f)
370 Greentree Lane
Milan, MI 48160

Serious collectors: this one's here for you.
Family Record & Tape Club
(A Division of Word DMS, Inc.)
P.O. Box 10659
Des Moines IA 50380-0659
If you don't have any CDs yet, then get in on their no-commitment membership. 4 for $1 apiece (+shipping). Selection is limited and prices in general are not that great to warrant staying with the club, unfortunately. But for the first time CCM CD purchaser, this is a deal you shouldn't pass up.
Christian Music Buyers Club
1-800-695-2622 (Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM CST)
P.O. Box 121916
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
average CD price: $10.49
Never have tried this, but they say they have posters, too.
4398 Lucy Way
Soquel, CA 95073
Mostly Larry Norman and/or produced by him.
Christian Book Distributors
1-508-977-5000 (orders, M-F 8am-9pm, Sat 9am-5pm)
1-508-977-5050 (cust. svc, MF 9-5:30)
1-508-977-5040 (technical asstistance. (research), MF 9-5:30)
PO Box 6000
Peabody MA 01961-6000
Admittedly, mostly a book seller, but they do sell some music. Recent issue (bimonthly catalog) had about 1000, predominantely mainstream, titles.

Don't overlook their W-I-D-E variety of christian books: fundamentalist, charismatic, mainline, scholarly, devotional, practical

1010 E. Carroll St.
Macomb, IL 61455

Hard to get christian music by mail order. New CD's starting at $4.99, new cassettes starting at $1.99. "I take any/all Christian CD in trade or buy them outright. If I do not have a particular item that you want in stock then I will find it for you." Free catalog (with current updates) for 2 stamps to cover postage.

"I concentrate on christian rock, alternative, and metal and I have many out of print and one of a kind items."

Corpqii Productions
411 Steel Street
Youngstown, OH 44509
E-mail: at231@yfn.ysu.edu
Marc Plainguet (aka Gadget) (and other related bands) cassettes and other merchandise.
Christian Book Connection
E-mail: cbc@goodnet.com
average CD price: $11.29

Featuring nearly 30,000 items including books, Bibles, Bible software, CDs, cassettes, and videos. Their music catalog includes over 7,500 items. All merchandise is claimed to be 20% to 50% off the retail price.

Visitors to CBC can also view the monthly lists of best-selling Christian books and music (as determined by the Christian Bookseller's Association).

Outside the USA
Christian Music Products
+61 3 853 2228 (v)
+61 3 762 8425 (f)
Attn: Malcolm Pryor
PO Box 2777
Australia 3122
If you have difficulty in sourcing Australian CCM metal (Derancination, FleshWalker demo, Mortification, Paramecium etc), rock (Guns of Fire, Steve Grace, Andy Sorenson etc) try this one.

Compared to current USA CD prices, the prices quoted may cause you to involuntarily sit down. But, remember that in Aussie land CDs ain't cheap, first release and "current" CDs (both secular and CCM) run at Aus$27.00-31.00 ie approx US$20.00 - 22.00. CMP Air Post to USA at about US$27.00 per CD. Ring, write or fax for more info and ask for an estimated delivery date.

UK |
Dual Edge Records
now mail order only!
0171 428 9027 between 10am and 1pm UK time
59B Oseney Crescent
(UK's only dedicated CCM record store.)
Dual Edge stock records made by bands who have (at least one) Christian member, or whose lyrics deal with 'Christian' topics. You'll get your Amy Grant, etc., but also The Call, U2, Maria McKee, etc. Specialise in imports (got the original Dakoda!) and independent recordings. Also stock all Greenbelt Festivals gear (including festival tickets).

Thanks to A. James Stewart <james.stewart@charis.co.uk> for keeping me up to date on this.

PILA Music
07157-56430 (v)
07157-564390 (f)
Postfach 143
D-72133 Dettenhausen

``Prices are about 33 DM for a cd (thats german average) with a huge selection of christian music in all varieties (from A 1 SWIFT to ZERO) on cd, mc and lp. They also offer special discounts, low price sales, a free music magazine 6 times a year and more. They will give you a list of participating shops/bookstores in the major cities, where you can often listen to the cds before you buy them. The PILA people are very consumer friendly, the christian attitude shows!''

Peter Reutter <reutter@rummelplatz.uni-mannheim.de>

Don't forget to check out the cut-out sections at your local secular music outlets, since they sometimes will be getting rid of CCM at low prices: $2.88, $1.44 [yes, I know these seem like modem speeds! -meo], etc. Also don't forget to check out the used stores which, believe it or not, do carry quite a bit of CCM. I don't know who buys this stuff and then sells it at such a loss to them, but you should take advantage of this wherever and whenever you can. And don't forget pawn shops. Especially if you don't have a used record shop in your town, this will be the place that all of the used CDs go to.


The used music server (used-music-server@draco.mv.com) maintains a database of used music (CDs, records, tapes, etc.) for sale and a separate (but equal) database of used music that is wanted. In addition to HELP (this message), there are currently 11 commands: LIST, LIST OTHER, LIST ALL, LIST CHANGES, LIST WANTED, LIST WANTED OTHER, ADD, REFRESH, DELETE, SUBSCRIBE, and UNSUBSCRIBE.

The server mails out an updated list every Monday morning. Send mail to used-music-server@draco.mv.com with `HELP' in the Subject: line and nothing in the body.


The Compact Disc Connection. I mention it here because it is one of the only places I know of that a significant portion of the Blonde Vinyl catalog is still available through. For that matter, I haven't completely plumbed the depths of their 80,000 CDs, but I keep finding more and more material that I know folks on this group would be very happy to find a (reasonably priced) source for. To get there type the following from your local o/s prompt:

      telnet cdconnection.com
The rest should be self-explanatory.

One of the neatest features IMHO is the ability to search their DB by manufacturer label. Of particular interest to folks on this group will be: BV (14 items), Word (88 items), Sparrow (64 items), Benson (31 items), Star Song (71 items). Of course if you are looking for some of the big CCM names (Amy Grant, MWS, Russ Taff, etc.), they actually are listed on secular labels. (e.g. Capitol, RCA, MCA) In those cases you might be better looking by actual artist name.


Always a problem is to find information about concerts with your favorite artists in CCM. You have 2 options that are generally available to most people: (in the USA that is)
  1. CCM publishes a 2 month lead-time concert schedule listing in the back of their magazine every month. Drawbacks: it doesn't have every group; depending on when your subscription is delivered, the short lead-time can leave very little time for planning ahead.
  2. 1-800-967-CONCERT $1.95 a minute on your credit card number, or 1-900-726-1213 direct-billed to your phone number. The 'menu' is structured pretty well. Selection can be by 1st 3 letters of a band name (with tempting little tidbits from your favorite artist's new release piped-in, just to get more of your money ;-), by area code region (you can fast-forward/jump through concert listings until you hear one you are interested in, so you can minimize this exorbitant charge by not listening to phone numbers and dates that you don't care about).

Secular CCM

Well, this is a really tough category to write. Though I consider myself to have a rather healthy exposure to this category, I still haven't listened to all of these bands. So I can't really pass judgement on them. But then again that isn't my job description, is it? ;-)

Essentially these are groups where one or more of the members have admitted publicly to some form of Christianity, and their lyrics tend to at least come from that world-view implicitly and in some cases and some times explicitly. This listing should not be misconstrued as some kind of 'approved artists list'

Suffice it to say that if you ever get to this category you will find yourself dealing with one or more of the following questions:

  1. What am I really listening to music for anyway?
  2. What makes music christian?
  3. Was the sole use of music in the bible evangelical?
  4. Does a Christian recording label make something more holy?

The Alternative

Progressive music

(or: where is all of the Progressive rock and roll in Christian music?)

Alternative is a hard thing to nail down. One man's alternative, is another man's mainstream. And one man's alternative is another man's amusical trash. I know that I have been guilty of the charge of not liking anything that was popular. However, for purposes of categorization, anathema to the true outsider anyway, if it isn't available to the buying public through normal retail channels, it may be too alternative for its own good.

These artists tend to have more creative ideas than a label can ever hope to contain. So the various aliases, alter egos and founding member names are given for better tracking of their musical careers. Musical stylings in this category vary from R.E.M to Red Hot Chili Peppers. In no particular order:

Musical style "X"

Every month someone posts the eternal question "I like bands A & B, anybody know of any other bands with musical style X?"

Your best bet is to call Long's music and get their FREE catalog. Why? Well it isn't because of the prices, its the musical style codes and the selection. They have an entry for most everything that is available and its the easiest, most foolproof way, short of actually buying everything there is, of answering this question. Obviously if you have a christian bookstore close by, you can usually audition at least a small smattering of interesting choices as well.


(soon to be replaced by a dedicated FAQ by Carson Ellis Pierce)

A list of Christian Industrial groups is available.

I have changed my mind on this section again, I have severly condensed the comments of clopton5107@iscsvax.uni.edu. If you want more information than that given here, email him and/or carson@ac.dal.ca .

"Is there any Christian industrial music?"

Here is a list. Not all of these bands fit everybody's definition of industrial, but most of it is at least of interest to most fans of industrial music. *These bands have music for sale, but it is not as easy to get as the first three. These bands have either indi releases, or demos. Mail me for more data. The first three bands have fully distributed albums that can be gotten in Christian bookstores.

A good purchase for Christian's who like techno and or industrial music is the SLAVA Music sampler avialable on Blonde Vinyl records called "Voice of the People."

"Is Christian Rock an oxymoron?"

One possible response that should be considered:
   "Only people can be Christians"
We will not attempt to answer this question here, but instead refer your questioning to other (more-complete) treatments of the subject: (both pro and con)
Leland Ryken
The Liberated Imagination (Harold Shaw Publishers)
Steve Miller
The Contemporary Christian Music Debate (Tyndale House)
Steve Lawhead
Rock Reconsidered
Francis Schaeffer
Art and the Bible
Frankie Schaeffer
Addicted to Mediocrity
Paul Baker
Contemporary Christian Music: Where It Came From, What It Is, Where It's Going
Jay R. Howard
Contemporary Christian Music: Where Rock Meets Religion (Journal of Popular Culture 26, 1 (Summer 1992): p. 123.)
Mary Gill
The Music of Amy Grant: A New Wrapping for a Timeless Message (The Journal of Communication and Religion 13, 1 (March 1990): p. 12.)
Bob Larson
Rock: The Devil's Diversion Rock and the Church (for the opposing view)
William Romanowski
Rock 'n' Religion: A Socio-cultural Analysis of the Contemporary Christian Music Industry (a dissertation that will take some effort to get; see your local library)

Contemporary Christian Music: This Business of Music Ministry (in the book American Evangelicals and the Mass Media edited by Quentin Schultze)

Roll Over Beethoven, Tell Martin Luther the News: American Evangelicals & Rock Music (in the Journal of American Culture vol 15, no. 3)

Move Over Madonna: The Crossover Career of Gospel Artist Amy Grant (soon to be published in the journal "Popular Music and Society")

The Phil Keaggy Information Phile

Posted monthly or when any significant new information is added. pdt@vex.net (Peter Thompson) maintains the Phile, and will send you a copy if needed. Includes FAQ (e.g. when the missing finger went), patchy biography, comprehensive discography, and reviews. Contributions welcome, but check the Phile first.

Wedding Song FAQ

A list of wedding songs is maintained by Andrew D. Taylor. It is posted monthly to rec.music.christian. It is also available via e-mail.
        To: af883@freenet.carleton.ca
        Subject: REQUEST WEDDING FAQ

Pro-Life Song FAQ

Send email directly to kamas+@cmu.edu for this list.

Funeral/Wake Song FAQ

Posted monthly or obtained by request from: dnw@dircsa.org.au (David N Wallace)

Discography FAQ

   (available  on the web)
Our grateful thanks to both the originator ( pdt@mundil.cs.mu.OZ.AU (Peter David THOMPSON) and the new maintainer:
CCM Discography
Curator:  Matt Honnold (Matt at E.I.U.)
e-mail: cumph@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu
POSTED BI-WEEKLY August thru April
POSTED MONTHLY   May thru July

Radio FAQ

The Radio FAQ is maintained by Andrew D. Taylor. It is a list of Christian radio stations and a list of Christian music radio programs. It is posted to rec.music.christian monthly. If you cannot find it, you may send him e-mail:
     To:  af883@freenet.carleton.ca 

Artist Info FAQ

This section is meant to house all of the questions (silly and otherwise) that seem to get asked about specific artist:

Artist Info Index

Q: Is Collective Soul a Christian band?
A1: Maybe. Some of the members, at least, grew up in Christian homes, notably the principal songwriter, Ed Roland. But he doesn't claim to be a Christian. (vapspwi@prism.gatech.edu (Jerry B. Ray))
A2: Yes. I believe I'm a godly enough man to judge other people's souls, and I've decided they are christians. Because I think some of their songs are kinda catchy. And God will need catchy songs in heaven. (gwhite@freenet.columbus.oh.us (Gabe White))

Q: Is Alice Cooper a Christian?
A: Yes. Just listen to his latest album, The Last Temptation and/or read the comic books that go with it.

Q: Why haven't I read any interviews about this?
A: Because Cooper's pastor and church have been giving him the chance to just be a Christian, without being assaulted by the media. We all need a chance to grow.

Q: What's the story on Alice Cooper's conversion?
A: Nobody in the public seems quite sure. It apparently happened around the time of the Wayne's World movie. Soon after that, someone gave Cooper a golf video (Cooper is an avid golfer) which had a promo spot by R. C. Sproul. Vince's (Alice's real, offstage name) wife, Sheryl, recognized Sproul from the covers of some books her parents had sent them. They dig out the books, and it's the same guy. They phone Sheryl's dad to get the scoop on Sproul. Her dad suggests they check out an upcoming conference Sproul is doing. He was really seeking the Lord, and participated in public worship. People who spoke with him there found him meek and humble.

Q: What happened with Michael English & Marabeth Jordan?
A: This FAQ is available in WWW format, or from rmc posts, or via email from jws@sabine.psu.edu (with a subject line of "REQUEST M.E. FAQ").

Q: What's Steve Taylor up to?
A: He was in a band called Chagall Guevara on the secular label MCA. Steve then released Squint (12/93) on Warner Alliance (3/5 of the band was Chagall Guevara members). For reference ...all vocals by Steve Taylor, basses by Wade Jaynes, drums by Mike Mead. In addition, Dave Perkins contributes guitars on the song "bannerman". So 4/5 of Chagall Guevara shows up on the album at one point or another. (Incidentally, the rest of the band on the album is Jerry Macpherson (!) on guitars and Phil Madiera on keys.)

He also put out Liver, a "live-r than most" live album, and a "Best of" album with some bonus tracks. As well, he has been busy producing and writing with the Newsboys, among others. He also did at least one tour with the Newsboys (the Take me to Your Leader tour).

Now, according to Brendt Waters <poohntig@mindspring.com>, He has formed his own label, Squint Entertainment. The first release will be a self-titled disc by Sixpence None the Richer (produced by Steve). Release date is scheduled for Nov 4. From what I remember reading in the announcement press release (which I can't find now), Squint Entertainment will not only do music, but films, too.

Q: Who were the people in Chagall Guevara?
A: Steve Taylor, Lynn (Arthur) Nichols, Dave Perkins, Mike Mead, Wade Jaynes

Q: When is Chagall's next release coming out?
A: Unfortunately, this band is history.

Q: What's King's X mean?
A: Like all good Rock & Roll, it has multiple meanings, but it seems that for the members of the band it has no intended meaning. In Vol. 19, Issue 94 of the Christian magazine 'Cornerstone', two of the band members were interviewed by Chris Ramsey, Dave Canfield, and Brian Grover. Doug Pinnick, lead vocalist and bass player, and Ty Tabor, lead guitarist, had this to say when asked "What does the name King's X mean?

Doug: Actually, I wanted a name that didn't mean anything, a name that you can't pinpoint. And we thought it didn't mean anything when we started, but when we moved to Texas we found out that king's X is a safety . . . you know, in the game of tag.

Also we found out that in medieval times in England there was a practice where a messenger would go to another kingdom to give a message to the king. And if the king receiving the message didn't like the message, he would kill the messenger . . . unless he had the mark of the king. It was called the king's X.

Ty: The X simply translated a message from one king to the other king. It said, "Please spare my messenger; it's not his fault if the message is not what you want to hear."

Q: Is Amy Grant possessed?
A #1: Get a life.
A #2: I have written a separate diatribe on this.

Q: Whatever happened to Leslie Phillips?
A: She is recording on the secular label Virgin under the name Sam Phillips.

Q: Did Leslie (Sam) Phillips backslide?
A: Original Answer: Get a clue.

New Answer: Why? Just because she moved from one segment of the music industry to another? There is no evidence of which I am aware that she has backslidden. See my separate Amy Grant diatribe on the same issue.

Q: Whats the story on Ms. Phillips' first name change (from Leslie to Sam)?
A: In an interview on 3/16/94 on Fresh Air (public radio program) she said that Sam was a nickname that she got from her parents when she was very young.

Q: Did Petra write "God Gave Rock and Roll to You?"
A: No, Russ Ballard of the band Argent wrote the song in 1973. Petra covered it (for the first time) in 1976 on their Come and Join Us album and Kiss covered it in the eighties.

Q: Are (any of) the members of Kiss Christians?
A: There has been no declaration (public or private) that we are aware of.

Q: Did Petra write the song for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?
A: see above.

Q: Whats up with Mark Heard?
A: Mark had a mild heart-attack after he left the stage at Cornerstone 92 (July 4th weekend).

He went to the hospital and they checked him out, everything was ok.

Then 6 days later, he went into full cardiac-arrest and was in a coma in a hospital in Springfield Illinois until Aug 16th when he finally passed away at the age of 40.

10/92 CCM said: "Heard is survived by his wife, Janet, and their 4 year-old daughter, Rebecca, who are currently strapped with medical bills totalling over $300,000. Those wishing to assist the family in retiring that debt can make contributions to the:

                      Heard Family Fund
                      c/o New Sound
                      P.O. Box 197
                      Merrimac, MA 01860

Some tidbits from the Fingerprint newsletter (as of 12/22/93):

1) The medical bills have finally been paid off. Donations are still being accepted, but now they will go to helping Janet and Rebecca rather than paying for over-priced aspirins.

2) The video of the benefit concert is being prepared for release. Besides concert footage, it will also include the "Is It Any Wonder?" video from the Ideola project Tribal Opera, as well as a new video for "Treasure of the Broken Land."

3) More details on the Strong Hand of Love album: Bruce Cockburn plays an acoustic version of the title track; The Call submitted 'a searing version of "We Know Too Much"'; and there will be 18 songs total -- it's all that could fit (they've had to turn people away) -- though it's possible there might be "a limited edition book that will include two discs and any of the songs that didn't make it to the initial disc release".

4) Box sets: Fingerprint is also attempting to get the rights to all of Mark's recordings -- 16 released albums and a host of unreleased material -- with the goal of collecting it all into a single box set. They say it'll be a few years, but in the meantime are looking for any good quality live recordings that folks might have to be included in the package.

Update from Dylan [Kokopeli <wilbanks@spot.Colorado.EDU>]

Strong Hand of Love is out, but nota bene: the order and the songs on the CD are not the same on the cassette. Orphans of God, a 30 track box of some unreleased Mark Heard combined with some of the other tributes that have neither made it to the tape or CD should be released sometime in the first half of 1995. Fingerprint has also released an interview CD from the Mark Heard tribute radio special, featuring interviews with Sam Phillips and Bruce Cockburn. It's only available in limited quantities directly from Fingerprint.

Strong Hand of Love has been nominated for best Contemporary Christian album Grammy. The awards will be handed out March 1 1995.

Memories of Mark Online

Miles O'Neal knew Mark, and is slowly adding to his online memories of Mark.

Q: Is One Bad Pig broken up?
A: Not officially. Paul Q-Pek left to pursue a solo career in Nashvile, where he is reputedly close to signing a record contract. Phillip Owen left the band because between running his own business and his growing family, he felt he couldn't make the time ocmmitments he needed to for OBP. Kosher (Carey Womack) and (Daniel) Tucek are still praying about what to do regarding One Bad Pig.

Q: "Did [insert famous guitarist here] really say that Phil Keaggy is the best guitarist in the world? I heard [said famous guitairist] said it in a [insert popular tv show/magazine here] interview, so it's gotta be true..."
A: According to Phil (spring 1993 true tunes news), he has never been able to verify that this was said by any famous guitarist in any media forum, so it's quite likely that this is just urban legend.

Q: Does Phil Keaggy have all of his fingers?
A: Nope, he is missing the middle finger on his right hand. He lost it when he was 4 years old when a water pump fell on it. (see the back cover of 2/93 CCM for proof ;-)

| Q: What's all the fuss about Mike Warnke?
A: Vol 21, issue 98 (7/92) of Cornerstone (the publication affiliated with JPUSA) published a story detailing the lack of a factual basis for Mike Warnke's pre-conversion claims, including those mentioned in his book "The Satan Seller". It also focused on immoral conduct, dishonesty, and financial misdealing in Mike Warnke's life and public ministry.

Then a newspaper article detailed the fact that his ministry has had its tax-exempt status revoked by the IRS.

Word has since suspended sales of his products, until the IRS is finished with their investigation.

On-line copies of this article and related material are available at http://www.rru.com/rmc/MW/ .

Copies of the original, full-color magazine with photo illustrations are no longer available. Black-and-white copies of the original, full-color article as published in Cornerstone magazine are available for $2.50 from:

    Cornerstone Magazine
    939 W. Wilson Ave.
    Suite 202-C
    Chicago, IL
Cornerstone is a member of the Evangelical Press Association and the Association of Investigative Reporters and Editors. The authors may be contacted at the address listed above.

The complete, unabridged story appears in the book ``SELLING SATAN: The Evangelical Media and the Mike Warnke Scandal'' by Mike Hertenstein and Jon Trott (Chicago, Ill.: Cornerstone Press Chicago, 1993); ISBN 0-940895-07-2. This book can be ordered from any major bookstore.

One may contact the authors by normal mail in care of Cornerstone Magazine at at the above address, or you may contact co-author Jon Trott via e-mail at <jtrott@jpusa.pd.mcs.net>. You may also contact one of the editors of Cornerstone Magazine, Eric Pement, at <epement@jpusa.pd.mcs.net>.

The files WARNKE1.ZIP (article) and WARNKE2.ZIP (Mike's response) can be downloaded from the JPUSA bbs:

at normal modem speeds.

Many thanks to Eric Pement for keeping me straight on this one.

Q: What has Warnke's response been?
old A: Well, the only thing he can do to clear himself of the charge of being a "consumate liar" is to produce an affidavit by someone beside himself who knew him during that time. The only affidavit's that he has produced are by people who have known him since.

November 9 1992 issue of Christianity Today has excerpts from an interview (by an independent syndicated journalist) with Warnke on the subject.

The 5/93 CCM says that Warnke has admitted to some (but not all) of the charges that Cornerstone accused him of.
new A: Mike is supposed to be under authority now. I haven't tracked down who the 5 people are that's he's submitted himself to. Mike says that they don't want him to even try to address details of the old allegations, but instead to just tell everyone that he is under authority now, has repented of the real sins (as opposed to untruths, the origins of which he says he doesn't understand), and God has taken him back to real ministry, without being caught up in all the trappings of a business. This status comes from hearing and talking with Mike on a recent, local talk radio program (I called in).

[I forgave Mike long ago, and prayed for him quite a bit. Who among us would long survive unscathed on a pedastel? This in no way excuses his sins - but we are called to judge sin, not Mike's heart. And I must remember that "there but for the grace of God go I."]

Q: Is Sandi Patti getting a divorce? Why?
old A: Yep. The REAL reason may not be known. The "official" reason from Sandi herself (or her press manager, I don't know which) is that she and her husband, who is also her manager, had different goals for her career. He wanted her to continue a high number of performances and she wanted to stay home with her children more. Pray for them.
new A: Actually, she got one a while back. She remarried, and has since publicly admitted she had an affair. She is allegedly taking time off from her carrer to get right with God (not a bad idea, eh?) Pray for Sandy, her ex-husband, her new husband...

Q: What are the relations (if any) of christian musical person's with the last name Huff?
A: Dann and Dave Huff of the band Giant are not members of David and the Giants. Ronn Huff, the hired-gun arranger of classical strings on most CCM albums, is their father. Dann and Dave were also two of the original members of the band White Heart.

David Huff of the band David and the Giants is Kellye Huff's father.

Q: Real life monikers of the (swirling) Eddies?
A: Source: Harvest Rock Syndicate, Volume 4, Issue 1 and the 2/93 CCM

            Camarillo Eddy  - Terry Scott Taylor
            Gene Pool       - Greg Flesch
            Berger Roy Al   - Tim Chandler
            Hort Elvision   - David Raven
            Spot            - Jerry Chamberlain
            Arthur Phardi   - Rob Watson
            Prickly Disco   - Gene Eugene

Q: Are the members of U2 Christians?
A: Three out of four members of the band profess to be Christians. I think it shows through very blatantly in their earlier works. It's still evident in their later works, just not as in your face (more Mark Heard-ish there).

Q: So why does U2...?
A: Any number of reasons. They're human. Their theology is slightly different than yours. Maybe the three Christians don't hogtie the fourth member of the group, and he actually has input into the songs. Maybe the media took some liberty with the quotes. Are you perfect? Would you want your life under a public microscope?

Q: But Bono cusses so much... Why?
A: My take on this is that if we don't know Bono intimately, we can't know why. It could simply mean he's comfortable with that language. Some Chriostians are. Maybe he just hears it so much he's become jaded. Maybe he's been up on a pedastel too long. There's no way we can know. But I'd pray for him...

| Q: What happened with Roger Martinez of Vengeance Rising?
A: Roger claims that investigating God's healing power proved that there is no God. He claims to be an atheist now. His web site is virulently anti-God and anti-Christian (he considers Christianity the ultimate evil). Pray for him.

Roger still owns the rights to the name Vengeance Rising and is putting together a new album that promises to be extremely anti-God and anti-Christian.

Worship Song FAQ

Posted monthly or obtained by request from: listproc@grmi.org (details on syntax of request is below - read on).

The worship-faq includes a database of praise and worship songs, in ASCII text format in tab-delimited fields.

Over 3000 songs are currently listed in the FAQ, including many of the songs from Maranatha, Vineyard, NALR & OCP (Catholic), and many from the Integrity/Hosanna. Additionally, it includes information on songs written by members of the "worship" mailing list. Also included are pointers to various internet resources related to worship music, and address information for the major worship music publishers. Finally, it now includes a large section of books reviews related to the topic of worship.

For each song, the database portion of the FAQ includes title, author, copyright, tempo, key, songbook/page, theme, scripture references, focus (is God referred to as "He," "You," or "I" in the lyric?), licensing, and other useful information.

Because the file is tab-separated, it can be read into many database programs, which will recognize the tabs as delimiters; from there, the database program can be used to do searches and reports.


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