Is Amy Grant a Christian?

Someone with a loginID the same as a major USA sports team asked:

After reading some of the postings in this list the last few days I'd like to say I have to disagree. The Christian artists I've heard that have gone into the Secular music kinda just drop out all the words that put the meaning in it in the first place. Take Amy Grant for example. I've heard some of her secular songs and they are not ministering to anyone. She just wants to be popular in my opinion. If they want to go into the secular music world they ought to leave the lyrics of the songs the same so they would be ministering to those people and to us Christians.
I replied:

I just thought it was too much to see this post from someone who is obviously a major sports fan - since sports as a whole have NOTHING to do with the Gospel. I replied:

How can anyone in sports claim to be a Christian if they don't have a fish painted on thie uniforms, and play while lugging a cross around? Why don't they just stop the game every few minutes for a prayer time, and end with an altar call?

If Amy Grant used the exact same words (in other words sang the exact same songs she always did), nobody would come to LISTEN outside the narrow (and often narrow-minded) Cristian audience.

Maybe Amy wanted out of the straight-jacket of CCM. Maybe she wanted to make a decent living. Maybe a lot of things. But who made you her judge? Did she say, "I am called to be an evengelist and that's all I'm supposed to do with my life"? Not that I ever heard.

Does the fact that she gets secular people to come hear her when they wouldn't otherwise, and still sings some very Christian songs once they're there have an impact? "My word will not return void."

Does the fact that some of her songs don't have Christianese or the name, "Jesus" (or less spiritually, "El Shaddai") in every line mean she's sold her soul? Hardly. I wonder if some of the people thought Elisha had become a warlock when, instead of praying that axe head back up out of the river, calling on companies of angels in teh name of the Lord God, he told them to throw something else in.

If I sound angry - I am. This isn't an attack - on the original poster or anyone else. But I am really tired of this bogus dichotomy wherein Christians who do music are held up to a completely different standard than every other Christian.

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