The Mike Warnke Controversy

Vol 21, issue 98 (7/92) of Cornerstone (the publication affiliated with JPUSA) published a story detailing the lack of a factual basis for Mike Warnke's pre-conversion claims, including those mentioned in his book "The Satan Seller". It also focused on immoral conduct, dishonesty, and financial misdealing in Mike Warnke's life and public ministry. NOTE: Any formatting errors are probably my fault. -Miles.

Mike published a response, which I have yet to see an online copy of. Please email me if you have this!

I spoke with Mike on the telephone when he was on a local call-in show. Mike claims that many of the "factual misrepresentations" were merely comedic artistic license, and that others are, in fact, correct. Mike did admit to other problems, primarily related to his having let a ministry become a big business. He admits other problems, such as getting so caight up in his job that he neglected his family (something many of us are all too familiar with!) He says that he now has accountability, and that he has gone back to ministry rather than big business. I didn't get to see him when he was in town, but he sounded very humble, very different from his last big tour, which was about the time of the Cornerstone expose.

If you have other verifiable information or citations, I'd love to have copies. Instead of judging Mike, let's pray for him.

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