Tiffany's Party

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This was taken at Tiffany Hall's birthday party the year before she got hit by cancer. Josiah is on the right, doing kung fu or something. Tiffany is blowing on what seems to be a shoe. Perhaps there's an old woman in it, and it was on fire, and Tiffany was saving her and the kids. That would be like Tiffany.

Tiffany's brother, Aaron, is behind her by the refrigerator door handle. Esther is beside Tiffany swatting at Sam Weeks. The others (for the sake of posterity and their families, friends and relations) are, from the left, Jessie Ward, Amanda Hoxey (mostly behind Tiffany) Daniel and Andrew Hoxey, and Nigel Childers (behind Josiahs' arm).

Last updated: 07 March 2004

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