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If you have to ask, you REALLY don't want to know.

These are some of the more bizarre and/or interesting Web pages around. These people generally contribute bizarre/interesting things to talk.bizarre as well, and most likely to life in general.

If you're looking for bizarre people unrelated to talk.bizarre, try page.bizarre instead.

The Probably Incomplete talk.bizarre web page directory is also available at fine internet sites everywhere.

The Few. The Proud. The Something.

To date, none of these pages has consumed more than twice its weight in excess stomach acid, but at least one has evolved enough artificial intelligence not to run for public office.

At least one of the people represented here has managed to ingest thermonuclear missles with no repercussions. To themselves, anyway.

If you find a link is dead, or out of date, of if you move yours, please tell me.

The Slack

These people's URLs have suddenly gone incommunicado. If you have a newer URL, email address, ICBM corrdinate set, or other contact information, or simply any information which could lead to their conviction in the OK bombing, please notify me. Otherwise I will nuke their entries soon (even if I can't nuke them).
  • Mark-Jason Dominus
  • Michael Rigler
  • Paul Egli [another soul lost to inaccessable ftp]
  • Patrick Finerty

  • Why HWRNMNBSOL has no web page

    ``We are but a primitive tribe, senhor. We do not know of the magic wires that sing across the desert.''

    -HWRNMNBSOL (private communication to author (Miles O'Neal), 30 May 1995)

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    Last updated: 25 Oct 2001