Thanks to Michael Lopez at Stanford for the Name of the Daze. [Russ, our new mascot, came from an idea by Steve Gibbs, but blame Miles for the art (better art welcome). Steve's name, along with all "Name of the Daze" providers, will be entered in a special, extra prize drawing. We will play with the name every day or so for a while.]


Because Toys-R-Us[TM] has threatened to sue us!!!

For Now, Though...

We've decided not to change the name. They have no case. They have no clue. But you can still refer to us as




for short.

At this point, we are fighting back (the Internet response has been completely in our favor. Over 50,000 people accessed this page alone in less than 2 weeks. Hundreds of them have responded with entries and/or support. We got 3 emails that made no sense, and 1 that said, "what do you expect?" Everyone else who has responded thinks TRU is over the edge - except a couple of Toys-R-Us employees who are now annoyed at me (they are welcome to boycott my pages and see if I feel any economic impact 8^). We still ask for letters of support to pass on, and the contest will run regardless. The prizes will be awarded, no matter the outcome of the battle with TRU.

Feel free to call them as well. Various phone numbers may be found on our pages, or from information. Please don't assault your local store, although you may want to tell them what's going on and ask them to yell at HQ!

Join the boycott, as well!

The Prizes

A whole mess of real roadkill stuff!

[If you like, we will throw in an authentic roadkill, providing you pay shipping and handling expenses, including those to meet all applicable laws and protect the carrier from stench, yuck & disease.]

The Contest

[Name Portion Ended Feb 29, 1996!!!]

All you have to do is: Roadkills-R-Us will award at least three prizes:
  1. the name we like best (whether we use it or not)
  2. the response to Toys-R-Us(TM) we like best
  3. the other thing we like best
The prizes will be awarded regardless of any other outcome of the Sordid Affair - unless the BATF, or some other government agency, acting on its own or on behalf of Toys-R-Us(TM), seizes the merchandise, in which case we will have another contest to run.

The Rules

Just Do It

So what are you waiting for? Use the handy form to send us a name, a letter, the negatives of the photos of a certain giraffe trading military secrets for kisses!

Support From Our Fellow Netizens

Read some of the incredible number of responses in support of RRU.

Previous Name Donors

"P.J. Buckway" and "Steve Gibbs-R-Us" (idea that resulted in) Roadkill-R-U.S.
Toys-R-Us(TM) is a registered trademark of Geoffrey, Inc. [repeat ad infinitum, ad nauseum]

Roadkills-R-Us is a trademark of Miles O'Neal, despite Threats-R-Us[tm]'s best efforts to date. Roadkills-ThereWouldBeAn-R-HereButToys-R-UsTMThreatenedToSue-Us and Roadkills-TWBARHBTRUTTS-Us are trademarks of Miles O'Neal. I have to put this stuff here because of killjoys like Geoffrey and his Horde.

Last updated: 25 October 2001
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