The Legislative Branch of the government of the United States of Roadkills-R-Us consists of two branches, the Progress and the Congress. As the Progress consisted primarily of unsavory sorts, they have been demoted and traded to ex-Soviet satellites for various ``systems'' we'd rather not discuss here.

In other words, we lopped off that branch with a chain saw, cut it into logs, and sold it off as firewood.

The remaining branch, Congress, consisted initially of several houses. In the early days of this CyberNation, we realized that the House of Straw, the House of Sticks, and the House of Cards were burdens we could do without, so certain adjustments were necessary (remember the chain saw analogy?) Today we are left with the House of Uncommons (the ``lower'' house) and the House of Ill Repute (the ``lowest'' house). Since the occupants of the latter have been caught selling votes for money (and this CyberNation less than 2 weeks old!), the chain saw was again applied, and that house currently sits empty (we are currently attempting to acquire the services of Tom Bodett to keep the lights on).

CongressCritter Email
George P. Burdell
Michael Debinhex
Michelle Debinhex
Lik Ethis
Gloria Gladys Glasshead
Suzi Styrofoam

The CongressCritters are elected either by popular vote, or appointed by the President. In either case, since the Constitution clearly vests all power in the President, the CongressCritters have no authority unless so granted by the President. To date, the President has not been so foolish.

Last updated: 25 October 2001
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