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Roadkill Command Language 1.0 Announced (20 Jan 1999)

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W. Va Declares War on RRU!

A true story from the AP newswire:

Senate Approves Road Kill Proposal

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - A state Senate committee approved a proposal that would legalize immediately collecting and eating animals killed while running in front of vehicles. Proponents said that if drivers can be encouraged to eat their road kill, the state could save paying highway workers to remove the carcasses. People now can take possession only after they've contacted authorities. ``They need to be able to pick it up and take it home immediately,'' Sen. Leonard Anderson said.

This is a blatantly isolationist attack on foreign nationals such as RRU Road Crews. Rest assured that we will not take this lying down in the road!

We're Famouser!

On Sept 26, 1997, P & M's Late Night Links declared the New World Odor a Wonder of the Web .

Scratch N Sniff Web Technology!

RRU is on the forefront of World Wide Web technology as we work together with other industry giants to bring you OTP, the Odor Transport Protocol .

RRU secedes!

RRU broke ground as the first purely virtual company; join us as we enter a New Worldless Order as the first purely virtual nation!

We're Famous

On March 13, 1997, we found out that Lycos selected one of Miles's true stories for their San Jose Lycos City Guide!

We're More Famous

We got a LinkMonster Best Submission Award on April 2, 1997.

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