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Date: 25 October 2001
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What it is

The latest info I have on various Texas bands in Christian rock.

Who's Here

Love Coma

Alternative Space-Rock?

No real news here. They seem to have slowly dwindled away after Matt Slocum started doing Sixpence full time.

Lust Control


They have a website! Check them out at http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Lounge/4892/lust.html . They have a new "Worst of" album out. Check out their CD release party review!

Read a review of a more normal Lust Control concert at the Steamboat in 1993.

One Bad Pig



They still get together and play sometimes, although since Kosher moved away, it takes more work! They have a new live album from their Cornerstone 2000 performance, and a website at http://www.onebadpig.com/ . Check out their CD release party review!

That Matt Slocum Guy

Sixpence played in Austin in mid-May, 1998 at a KGSR benefit for a homeless shelter along with Cotton Mather and someone else. Sixpence was awesome, and the crowd loved 'em.

20/20 Blind


20/20 Blind is no more. Everyone but Wallace went to Atticus Finch, but I've never heard any more.

Collating Order (a note for geeks)

20 Starts with a "T", not a "2". This is evidenced at almost every record store. ASCII is fine for computers, but this is the Real World (tm). Well, not really, but it's trying to be...

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