One Bad Pig/Lust Control CD Release Party 2001

Date: 25 October 2001
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I thought They Were Dead?

One Bad Pig and Lust Control have always been side projects for the bands' members. For a while, they have been pretty inactive. But One Bad Pig is always welcome at Cornerstone, and both bands have a group of followers who are always happy to hear more.

The Pig - Who is That Squealer?

One Bad Pigs' latest CD is a live album of their Cornerstone Y2K performance. I haven't gotten a chance to hear it yet, but will review it ASAP. As for the concert, we missed the first set due to massive traffic problems on I-35. Apparently we weren't the only ones who missed the first set, so the Pig did a second set after Lust Control! The CD includes both Paul Q-Pek and Lee Haley, the current Pig guitarist, so I'm really looking forwards to it.

The concert was a bit different; Kosher (Carey) couldn't make the party since he's in Tennessee now. So they did it ``Carey-oke'' style, letting fans come up on stage to handle Kosher's part. (Phillip also sings on a number of their songs, anyway, and knows vocals for all of them, so help was available for the nervous!)

The musicians did a great job as usual. The singers were varied; everyone did OK, but nobody really got into it the way Kosher would. My 14 y/o son, Josiah, was the only youth to get up on stage, squealing like a pro on "Ice Cream Sundae". It was his first time singing in public, and on stage with The Pig - a dream come true!

Drop by the Pig Pen at  for more info and Pig stuff.

Lust Control

Lust Control debuted their "Worst of" album. Alas, no new material here, but lots of good stuff from This is a Condom Nation, Dancing Naked, and Feminazi. An excellent intro for anyone who doesn't have the other albums, with the usual silliness in pictures. One of the great things about both these bands is the luncay the guys get into!

The energy level was a lot lower than usual, but I guess that's because this was a small party with friends and family. Doug did a great job of getting the audience involved. I had a couple of kids from the youth group along as well as my family. These guys are used to the current music scene, but hadn't really heard anything from the early punk days, and really weern't ready for the in your face lyrics of songs like "The Big M". The look on one guy's face when he realized what the song was about was priceless!

A lot of bands today try to recover that "in yer face" vibe of the early punk movement, but don't do a very good job of it. Lust Control is still as good at that as ever!

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