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All these artists are on the net, and have consented to have their email information posted here. All the ones I've met seem to be real people. Feel free to contact them; that's why this is here!
Able Cain (
Matt McCabe, (also Marathon Records)
[2255 E. 8th St. / Chico, CA / 95928]
Bones (Michael McNeely) (
Guitarist/Songwriter for atticus finch (formerly 20/20 Blind)
Carpe Diem Artist Management Intl. (
Main contact: Nancy Reese
also One Hundred Days /Liquid Disc, Nouveaux/Benson, Kid Promise/2 Men Boxing, & Brian Hardin/producer
[1019 Due West Avenue / Madsion, TN 37115-3405]
Imagine This (
[ P.O. Box 541 / Houston, Tx. / 77383-0541 ]
[ (713) 355-6561 ]
Jeff Elbel (
Farewell to Juliet, Sunny Day Roses, Marathon Records
[PO Box 1222 / El Segundo, CA 90245-6222 / (310) 355 0533]
Dan Michaels (
The Choir, Nashville, TN
Eric Sproul (
Bass Player for the Happy Apples
[ PO Box 2301 / Staunton, VA 24402-2301 / (703) 886-3962]
Ojo Taylor (
Undercover, Brainstorm Artists, in school at UCLA
The Throes (
Bill, Dave & Dave
Doug (Gene) Van Pelt (
Lust Control, Heavens Metal

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