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About this Mailing List

In one sense this mailing list is for those who appreciate Mark Heard's life and music, and in another sense it is more about those underlying things in his and his fan's perspectives on life that we find we have in common.

If you see something true, something beautiful in the music that Mark made, you feel that the songs he wrote speak for the way you feel about some very important things, then you probably share a common Ethos or Worldview with the rest of his fans.

Those who look for the authentic recognize it because it's not predictable, containable, finite, or even easy to express. The language of poetry is our entrance to a whole world of deeper meaning.

Those who mistakenly label poetic language "vague" or "not quite christian enough" unfortunately will miss out something that is truly meaningful and beautiful.

This mailing list is even for people may have never heard of Mark, but who see life in a certain slant of light, who recognize poetry and levels of deep meaning. For me, Mark Heard's music is a touchstone. If you haven't given him a long serious listen, do so.

Now, it would be foolish to idolize the man or his music, and so I discourage you from simply joining this list in order that we may each congratulate each other in our fine taste in music. Far better to struggle for the words to actually say something.

Discuss a lyric from a song that mean something to you. Mention something you saw somewhere that struck a chord inside you somewhere emotionally. Keep Truth and Beauty alive inside yourself, and fan the flame in others.

Okay, so this is kind of a fan club, sure. And fan clubs are okay, but this is also a lot more than that.

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