George P. Burdell (in Memorium)

Born: Feb 28, 1888
Died: Feb 28, 1995

George P. Burdell was killed crossing North Avenue in Atlanta on his 107th birthday. Helping his great, great grandaughter Tammie cross from the Varsity (the World's Largest Drivein), he was struck down by a passing Sears truck.


  • Best known graduate of Georgia Tech
  • Star Athlete
  • Film star
  • Master's Golf Tournament 3rd place
  • War hero (WW I)
  • USO hero (WW II)
  • PhDs in Chemistry, EE
  • Inventor (several patents)
  • Honorary PhD in CS
  • Honorary DD from Harvard
  • Board of Directors, Mad Magazine
  • Southern Philanthropist
  • Legacy

    Burdell is survived by his 3rd wife Edna (79), 7 children, 32 grandchildren, 61 great grandchildren, and his great, great grandaughter, Tammie Donnell-Liebeskind (6), most of whom still live in the Atlanta area.
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