3.1 : meo@rru.com (22 Jul 1998 meo@rru.com)
      Minor Makefile cleanup
      Minor doc revamps
      Verified code for FreeBSD and Solaris 2.5
      Changed all occurances of wwwwais.gif to w4ais.gif
      Added Docs/{README,license.html,changes.html}
      Renamed Docs/w4ais.doc to w4ais.txt
      Cleaned up forms, made sure all form include files were .inc, and
          not .html

3.0 : meo@rru.com (30 May 1998 meo@rru.com)
      Revamped project tree to look like swish
      Broke source into separate files
      Cleaned up and standardized HTML output (colors, appearance, etc)
      Fixed bugs in main() [comparing conffile from maxhits!]
      Changed all instances of "wwwwais" to "w4ais" in source
      Cleaned up docs a bit
      Added Makefiles

2.9 : meo@rru.com (29 May 1998 meo@rru.com)
      Minor cleanup, newer config, html and related files, revamped docs

2.8 : meo@rru.com
      Added Help keyword, got rid of "return local variable" warnings
      in parsetitle(), moved form stuff *after* returned results.

2.7 : meo@rru.com
      Added format keyword, with standard, table, and brief types.

2.6 : meo@rru.com
      made config file configurable, added PromptString, Instructions,
      Body and Trailer to config variables

2.5 : Last EIT release, by Kevin Hughes at EIT