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Politically Correct Nouns

This just in from PC WEEK (The Magazine of Political Correctness) [1] [2], Dateline Fri, 2 Apr 93

Due to recent PC evolutionary action, certain words have been found to be offensive in case, plurality, etc. To assist in not offending the gramatically challenged, newer words will, where possible, be their own plurals. So, like sheep, dudu and dudi may be singular or plural, or perhaps both simultaneously, and, in rare cases, neither.

Further, to avoid the conflict with the old term dude, the official PC term for non-age-specific homonoids of the masculine persuasion (gender challenged?) is now dudo.

Dudo and duda will continue to be singularity-challenged by the addition of an 's', forming dudos and dudas, in the interest of harmony with our Latino friends around the world.

Usage of the term dude is deprecated, except in California and its derived cultures, where it is essenially a meaningless syllable uttered upon random events.

        Definition          Singular  Plural  Alternate
--------------------------  --------  ------  ---------
homo sapiens theoretically  duda      dudas 
capable of perpetuating
the race

other homo sapiens          dudo      dudos   scum

generic, unknown, and/or    dudu      dudu
mixed individuals or
groups of homo sapiens

generic, unknown, and/or    dudi      dudi
mixed individuals or
groups of homo sapiens
of the opposite sex from

[1] Reprinted with permission

[2] PC WEEK will soon be a trademark of RRU. The trademark is currently owned by someone else, but as we obviously have a better cause than the current owner, we expect the courts to give it to us, along with everything else we want.

The All-Purpose Pronoun/Possessive

smrtz is the term of choice when you need a pronoun, but don't want to be gender/race/anything-oriented, or even species-specific. Examples:
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