World Class Government!

Let's face it. The USA has really fallen behind a number of other countries - new world, old world, and even third world - in some key areas. The most obvious of these is corruption in government.

Oh, we've had a few scandals. Nixon held great promise, but then a number of people went to jail, and Nixon resigned in disgrace instead of really digging in and arresting and torturing, or at least buying off, his opponents. The only thing Ford managed to do that anyone wondered about was pardoning Nixon. Carter ran with a pretty crooked pack, but proved to be mostly naive, himself, as opposed to corrupt.

Reagan held a lot of promise, and indeed, his regime had its moments, but it all petered out - so much so that his hand-picked successor, Bush, was able to win a fair election, without resorting to thuggery, massive bribes (which inevitably come to light), or excessive blackmail.

But now, the USA rides high in the saddle again. Granted, the iron fist wears a velvet glove - hardly anyone has been killed to keep silence - but with a bold stroke, the Clintons have wrestled the mantle of corruption back onto the shoulders of the Presidency of the United States of America.

I only hope everyone appreciates all this family has sacrificed to bring us here.

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