Body Waxing

Body waxing? What's the point? Where did this come from? Is it the byproduct of some more bizarre than usual, dysfunctional, abominable federal legislation? (Ah, redundancy...)

Surf City

Perhaps it's like waxing surf boards, to make the skin as "slippery" as possible, so that it glides effortlessly over and through the water, through air, through bureaucracy, up the corporate ladder, and in general, through life.

Can't be - you still see plenty of emotional dings on those who've been waxed.


Perhaps it's like waxing a car, to protect against dirt, weather, road tar, bird droppings, bat guano, love bugs, sand, and bloated roadkill.

But I doubt this, as most of the waxees I've seen aren't that much less weathered than our car (which has the benefit of having been repainted after a tornado and several rear-enders).

De Rigeur Mortis

Or maybe, like so much of everything else in the USA today, it's just marketing hype.

But I'll wax my feet if it helps me slide on the lineoeum without socks, and pay happily.

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