School Daze

Todd exempted English classes for life when, extemporaneously, he came up with a sentence whose diagram was an exact map of the Paris Metro system.

Later that same day, he popped out with the same sentence in Latin, which provided the key to some coded writings of Caesar's, which proved the French were descended from all the great empires, thus easing their massive national inferiority complex, and winning Todd the Nobel Peace Prize, in addition to yielding new insights into cryptography which resulted in an extremely lucrative consulting contract with a number of federal agencies and private companies.

But Todd flunked out of school and eventually had to take a job as a Sandwich Mustarder at a local shop because he once gave a wrong answer on a federally funded, nationally mandated, values test, wherein he dared to suggest that if his sister were pregnant, he would help her raise the child if she chose not to kill it.

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